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Why did Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey break up? Singer might reveal details in the third season of his Netflix biopic

Fans are eager to learn more details about what went down with them

Romance of Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey arrives at the third season of his Netflix biopic. But why did they break up in the first place? The stars met in 1998 and started a three-year relationship that quickly became the center of attention and made headlines, sometimes even overshadowing their musical careers.

In Luis Miguel, the series, one of the world’s most famous Latino singers, will revisit his story, precisely what happened in his life from 1995 to 2017 and all the problems that followed him. Although the third season will not solely focus on his relationship with Mariah Carey, fans are eager to learn more details about what went down with them.

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In 1998, while “El Sol de Mexico” (Sun of Mexico) continued captivating his audience, Carey did the same with her mesmerizing voice. She was dealing with the end of her marriage with music executive, producer, and author, Tommy Mottola. At the same time, Luis Miguel had been single for some time when they met in Aspen, Colorado.

Soon after meeting, both realized they had a crush on each other, and their chemistry was evident. Their relationship seemed to be like a fantasy, and while they were together, they seemed to be the perfect couple.

Luis Miguel y Mariah Carey©GrosbyGroup

Unfortunately, the bond between them started showing cracks, and after alleged infidelities and busy schedules, the pair called it quit in 2001. It is reported that Mariah took the worst part of the breakup and went through a deep depression.

None of the superstars ever shared many details about their life together; however, in Carey’s autobiography The Meaning of Mariah Carey, she refers to him as the “Latin Elvis” and describes him as “romantic, spontaneous and extravagant.”

British actress Jade Ewen, will play the role of Mariah in the third season. Luis Miguel, the series, starring Diego Boneta, tells the story of El Sol, and after two successful seasons, the final installment will be available on Netflix screen from October 28.