Amara La Negra’s new look is really turning heads

Amara La Negra’s new look is really turning heads

Some fans can’t even recognize her

Fans got to know and love Amara La Negra for her bodacious figure, signature afro, and bubbly personality--and while she’s still as beautiful as ever, her new look is confusing a lot of her longtime followers.

Fans of the Afro Latina couldn’t help but notice how much she’s transformed over the last year, which was highlighted in a photo posted to her Instagram account on October 23. In the pic, Amara gazes into the camera while long strands of volomunous curls frame her face.

The former Love & Hip Hop star posed a question for fans in the caption, asking, “When you See Me What Do you See?” And that, along with the photo, sparked a big debate in the comments. Some of the comparisons to this photo include Tyra Banks and Ciara, with some of her followers simply sayiing they don’t recognize this new Amara at all.

“Not your true authentic Amara La Negra that we love ❤️,” one fan commented, to which another replied, “I‘m saying. Show us the real Amara La Negra not this airbrushed comic character.”

Other commenters wrote, “A different entity from before,” “Lost too much weight,” and “I miss your afro.”

As fans of the star already know, Amara has always been outspoken when it comes to her own looks, making a name for herself while sporting an afro and trying to break stereotypes within the Latin comunity.

She’s also known for flaunting her curvaceous figure, but back in April, Amara appeared on Telemundo’s Latinx Now!, where she revealed she lost 35 pounds due to stress.

“There was a lot of stuff going on in my life. I love it! And to be honest, I embrace my stretch marks, my cellulite, my dimples my everything because I can still get it,” she explained. “So what’s the problem? What? I had a fan base that followed me because I was very curvy and I represented the Latinas and the Black beautiful women that were curvy and I get that part, but some part of that was a little bit unhealthy for me, personally.”

She continued, “I’m not saying I won’t be able to get back into that, but this time around I kind of want to do it in the gym. To each its own. If you want to unfollow me because I’m not as thick, it’s ok my love because I’ll get a new fan base.

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