Celebrity Sightings In Paris - October 4, 2021

Paris Jackson and friends create a coven for Hunter’s Moon of 2021

Michael Jackson’s daughter

The full Hunter’s Moon arrived rose on Wednesday and marks the first full moon of the fall season in the Northern Hemisphere. Many people along with “witches” use the full moon for rituals that can recharge, reflect, and even manifest. Over the weekend Paris Jackson gathered with a group of her spiritual friends to create a “coven” which included actress Alexandra Shipp and singer Lavender.

Paris Jackson and friends©Paris Jackson

According to Space, other names for October‘s full moon include the Falling Leaves Moon and Dying Grass Moon, representing different seasonal changes. It has also been referred to as the Blood Moon or Sanguine Moon. Hilton blurred out what she needed to follow Instagram guidelines along with the faces of some of her friends for their privacy. In the photo, you can see a variety of candles and other tools that can be used for the ceremony. “Tis the season” she captioned one pic along with, “Thank you mother moon” on another.

Paris’ up-and-coming singer friend Lavender shared the same backless pic on her page and revealed that the “sisters” are now a new coven. “Thank you sisters for letting me lead my first full moon ritual,” Lavender wrote on her Instagram. “Feels incredible to have this sweet and special new coven. A group of such spiritually aware, incredible women. Thank you for patience over my fumbling.” While many people hear “coven” and think witches and dark magic, the practice is vast with countless beliefs. Lavender clarified in a comment that the ritual was nothing dark and they were simply ”thanking the moon.”

Paris Jackson and friends©Paris Jackson

Fun fact: Per Space, The Hunter‘s Moon always follows the Harvest Moon. It’s named after the time of year when animals fatten up in preparation for the colder months ahead which lines with hunting season as they stock up on meat for the winter.

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