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Melissa Barrera is called out by Courteney Cox in a hilarious Friends spoof

The actresses are in the upcoming Scream movie

Scream costars Melissa Barrera and Courteney Cox got together in Manhattan to shoot a hilarious clip together. In an ode to Cox’s character “Monica Geller” on Friends, the clip begins with sitcom music and Cox running into Barrera on the street. “How are you? ... Where are you going?” Cox asks Barrera. I‘m just going home,” the In the Heights star replies pointing to Monica’s apartment. “Oh, you‘re going home?“ Questioned Cox, “Hmm that’s weird. I don’t think that’s your home.”

Courteney Cox Melissa Barrera©Courteney Cox

Cox then puts her arms on Barrera and quips, “I‘m actually really happy you joined the Scream cast, but this is not okay. This is off-limits.” The Mexican actress pleaded, “Come on, Court.” “No, Melissa. No. There’s only so much. Come on, go back to the heights,“ referring to the iconic musical.

As Barrera walks away she imitated Cox as Monica, “I know!” ”Stop imitating me,” Cox joked back. Cox captioned the clip, ”Some things are off limits” and Barrera joked in the comments, “But… I‘ll be there for you 🥺.”

The actresses are appearing in the fifth installment of the Scream franchise which hits theaters on January 14, 2022.

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