The Prince Of Wales And The Duchess of Cornwall, And The Duke And The Duchess Of Cambridge Attend The World Premiere Of “No Time to Die”

Billie Eilish broke ‘a whole list’ of rules when she met Prince William and Kate Middleton

“There was a whole list of things”

Billie Eilish couldn’t help but throw proper ettiquiete out the window when she met Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The “bad guy” singer stoped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, October 13, where she opened up about meeting the British royals at the No Time to Die premiere back in September. Eilish attended the London premiere of the latest James Bond flick because she wrote and performed the title song, which already won her a Grammy Award.

Since Bond is such an iconic British character, the event was attended by some very British guests, including members of the royal family. Luckily for the pop star, that meant she had the pleasure of meeting Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Charles.

But, while everyone always hears about the strict rules you need to following when meeting members of the royal family, Eilish explained to Jimmy Kimmel that it was much less formal than she assumed it would be.

World Premiere Of "NO TIME TO DIE" - Royal Albert Hall©GettyImages

“There was a whole list of things,” the 19-year-old said about the etiquette and formalities she was told to follow when meeting the royals at the premiere. But, when it came time to say hello, she did not pay attention to those rules.

“I tried to, I was planning on it. And they were just so normal,” she explained. “They didn’t make me feel like, ‘Oh, I’m scared, I can‘t talk to them.’ They were complimentary and they had all these questions for me. They were just very friendly and like…funny and sweet. I can’t complain. It was amazing.”

During the rest of Billie’s late night visit, she moved onto discussing other subjects with the host, which includes the idea of going to space. Unlike a lot of her fellow celebs, Eilish is not into the idea.

“I would literally rather do anything else,” she said when asked about going to space. “I hate the idea.”

She went on to tell Kimmel a story about someone asking her to sing in space, which she immediately rejected. “It didn’t make any sense to me.”

Well, when you’re meeting the British royal family and winning Grammys on earth, not wanting to go anywhere else is understandable.

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