The Rock

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is pumped about his new rap song with Tech N9ne

He can act, he can wrestle, he can sing, and he can rap

We’ve all heard Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson sing but get ready to hear him rap. On October 8th Tech N9ne dropped the music video for their new single “Face Off” which included a verse by the actor. Per Variety, the track marks a collaboration between the most successful independent rapper in hip hop and the biggest A-list actor in Hollywood. The actor told the outlet he has been asked several times by his famous friends in the music industry to jump on a track but nothing felt right until Tech N9ne slid in his dm’s. “A lot of my friends who are hip hop artists — like big names — I’ve been asked a few times. But it just has to feel right,” he said. Watch the “historic” moment below:

Johnson tweeted that he was “Pumped & humbled to drop MY 1ST RAP SONG with my brothers,” along with shoutouts to Tech N9ne and the other rappers featured on the track, Joey Cool and King Iso. If you are impressed by his lyrics, he wrote them himself and is all about working hard to accomplish your dreams. “It’s about drive. It’s about power. We stay hungry,” he raps.

Tech N9ne told Variety he knew he wanted a fighter to be featured because he pictured the song as a hype-up anthem that can be played in stadiums or at the gym. “This is an energy song. This is going to get people pumped up to lift weights, pumped up for fights, pumped up for the game. Period,” he said.

While The Rock is calling it his “historic rap debut” others on Twitter are debating if it really counts as a “debut” since he was featured on Wyclef Jean’s “It Doesn’t Matter” in 2011. But the Rock just shouted his catchphrase so it doesn’t really count.

However, others dug deep into YouTube and found a song released in 2001 called “Pie” which features some fast talking by the then wrestler. “We‘re just going to overlook this gem?” One person tweeted along with the YouTube link. The song has some questionable lyrics the actor would likely regret today but you can find it on YouTube if you are curious.

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