Shawn Mendes finally weighs in on viral “it’s giving Cher” moment

He gets the last laugh

If there’s one thing Shawn Mendes is gonna do, it’s make fun of himself.

A couple weeks back, Vogue filmed some behind-the-scenes footage of Mendes and his girlfriend, Camila Cabello, getting ready for the Met Gala. After seeing the “Havana” singer’s sparkly purple Michael Kors Collection dress, Mendes told her, “It’s giving Cher.”

The comment ended up going viral for many reasons, some of them being all in good fun and others being innapropriate jokes about his presumed sexuality. Nonetheless, that video clip has been making its way through social media for weeks now, with fans reliving the moment over and over agaiin.

“Shawn Mendes saying ‘it’s giving cher‘ is in a constant loop in my head,” one social media user tweeted. Another wrote, “Just bought Shawn tickets it’s giving cher!!”

The comment even made its way to the celeb world, with Lizzo using it as a caption when sharing a photo of herself standing next to Mendes.

“IM ALWAYS GIVING CHER, HOE,” she wrote on Twitter.

Now, Shawn is getting in on the fun, showing that he clearly doesn’t have a problem with making fun of himself--especially when everyone else has already done so.

Influencer Connor Wood joked about the 23-year-old’s viral moment in a post he shared to TikTok on Monday, October 4. The video shows Mendes enjoying an alcoholic beverage, which serves as the basis for the puns made during the pair’s back-and-forth.


I think we should all give a little more share @Shawn Mendes

♬ original sound - Connor Wood 🐸

“Nice beer,” Wood told him in the video. “It’s kind of giving share.” That’s when Shawn offered him a sip of the beverage before they shared a laugh together.

“I think we should all give a little more share,” Wood captioned the video, tagging @shawnmendes.

It’s no secret that Mendes and his girlfriend are both comfortable making fun of themselves, commonly taking to social media to crack jokes on one another.

Back in July, Camila posted a TikTok video about their relationship, in which she let out a fart the second Shawn leaves the room. She captioned the clip, “that first phase of dating when you can’t fart or Poo or be a human.”

That’s when Mendes took to the comments to call her out, hilariously pointing out that this skit isn’t what’s happening in their relationship.

“But u do fart tho,” he wrote, exposing his other half.

These two and their ability to not take themselves so seriously is exactly why fans love their relationship.

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