Unwaxed podcast with Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone stops by his daughters Sistine and Sophia’s ‘Unwaxed Podcast’

“This episode shows a different, funnier, softer side of Sly”

The latest guest on Sistine Stallone and Sophia Stallone’sUnwaxed Podcast is none other than their famous father: Sylvester Stallone.

They first started teasing the episode a few days prior, having fans guess who was joining them by giving them by teasing the fact that it was going to be their “biggest guest yet.” Immediately, their listeners started flooding the comments section with the assumption it was their father--and they were right.

“Ep. 50 is live!!! 🥊From his childhood, career, raising daughters- the girls cover it all,” the official podcast Instagram page wrote in their caption. “This episode shows a different, funnier, softer side of Sly and untold stories from the man himself.”

Sylvester also shared the news on his Instagram page, talking about how proud he is of his daughters for their podcasting prowess.

“I would love All my followers to please CHECK this out- Best interview ever! Tomorrow !” he wrote in his caption. “My daughters are so good! I am stunned and super proud !!! Go For It! Weekly on Tuesday’s …. Search UNWAXED PODCAST on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Youtube to listen to this great interview! Funny and outrageous !!!”

During the interview, Sistine and Sophia talked to their father about a multitude of things, including his long and unusual professional resume outside of acting.

“You have probably the most abnormal resume I have ever heard in my life,” Sistine said to her dad. “I mean just to name a few: You were a lion cage cleaner, a bouncer, you cut fish--” to which her father interjected to say, “A good fish cutter.”

“You were a volleyball coach, a couch salesman...How were you a fish cutter?” she asked.

“I was such a good fish cutter. Your mother was with me, am I right? We went to look at a home someone had for sale, the guy was maybe 85 years old. He goes, ‘I know you, you used to cut the best fish at Dover Deli.’ Am I lying?

“For some reason, me and fish.”

Funnily enough, he couldn’t have been that good; When Sophia went on to ask if he got fired from any of those jobs, his response was: “every one.”

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