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Ana de Armas says her character in ‘No Time To Die’ will be the most ‘badass’ Bond girl

This Thursday, the world will see the Cuban star debuting in the long-awaited blockbuster

In No Time To Die, Ana de Armas’ character has potential, and according to the actress, Paloma will be the most “badass” Bond girl. The film franchise has a 59-year history, and this Thursday, the world will see the Cuban star debuting in the long-awaited blockbuster.

In a recent interview with The Sun, de Armas described her character as the whole package. “Paloma is a really complete character. She’s definitely something else that I don’t think we’ve seen in other Bond girls in previous movies. She’s a lot of fun — very active, very badass,” she said.

Ana de Armas Bond Girl in James Bond movie©Universal Pictures International
Ana de Armas as a Bond Girl in the upcoming James Bond movie

Previously, HOLA! USA reported that de Armas claims she wants to be seen as more than just “a girl in the gown and heels,” without taking away the essential glamour that identifies the character.

The 32-year-old star said she didn’t want to “define Paloma just by what she’s wearing,” adding that she plays a “CIA agent from Cuba,” who needs to blend in “and she’s wearing these dress and diamonds because she’s on a mission.”

The actress has also said that the costume design was extremely essential for the development of the character, “I think the construction of the wardrobe is one of my favorite parts of the process.”

Ana de Armas No Time To Die©Universal Pictures International

Ana is starring in the upcoming movie with Daniel Craig, who has played Agent 007 five times. “It was so easy working with him because we had become friends,” de Armas said. “‘So I didn’t feel out of place being part of a huge production that you have with a Bond film.”

According to Ana, Craig is a hardworking actor, and he always inspires her. “I love Daniel. He’s relentless. It doesn’t matter how exhausted he is or how many broken bones he has; he still shows up and goes to work every day. It‘s so inspiring,” the actress said.

But can a Bond girl become the next 007?

New "Casino Royale" James Bond Is Unveiled©GettyImages
In this undated handout photo from Eon Productions, actor Daniel Craig poses as James Bond.

It seems that it doesn’t matter how intimidating or fearless a Bond girl is; Daniel Craig thinks a woman should not replace James Bond.

In an interview with Radio Times, the actor shared details about the film and why he thinks a female actress shouldn’t take his job as 007. “There should simply be better parts for women and actors of color. Why should a woman play James Bond when there should be a part just as good as James Bond, but for a woman?” he said.

His comments sparked controversy and divided James Bond’s fanatics, who support his statement. In contrast, others think that female actresses tend to be part low budget ventures compared to male actors, like Daniel, who is part of a record-breaking franchise. It is also important to highlight that James Bond has become a household name and grossed billions of dollars worldwide.

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