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Kim Kardashian corrects Ellen DeGeneres after she accuses Psalm West of wearing a fake gold chain

Kim low key looked offended

If there are two things Kim Kardashian West is not going to allow in her home it’s costume jewelry and spiders. The mom of 4 appeared on The Ellen Degeneres show Thursday to help kick off the premier week where they joked about Ellen DeGeneres and Kris Jenner’s late nights dancing and Kim’s life at home with the kids. Kim expressed how much she loves to prank her family but made it clear that spiders were off-limit. The billionaire also corrected DeGeneres after she showed a picture of her and Kanye West‘s youngest son Psalm wearing a giant gold chain and called it “fake.”

The Ellen DeGeneres show©EllenTube
The Ellen DeGeneres show

As Kim described how all her kids are different DeGeneres showed a photo of Psalm with a huge chunky gold chain. “Psalm was the one wearing the giant chain around his neck?” She asked Kim. DeGeneres started to tell the audience “Oh my god he wears this fake giant chain-“ before Kim quickly cut her off with a sightly offended smile and asked, “Wait, did you say fake?” DeGeneres thinks she’s joking and says “it’s fake” again before Kim clarified, ‘“it’s not!” “Oh my God, it’s huge! How can he keep his head up? “It looks like it’s a wrestler’s belt or something. It’s not fake” asked the baffled talk show host again (who received the same answer from Kim) “I just assumed because it’s so huge, that’s hilarious.” “Yeah, no,” Kim responded seemingly offended by the idea.

Kim also revealed the one guaranteed way to scare her: spiders. She even admitted that she kills the one‘s inside her house. Its widely believed that killing a spider (on purpose or accidentally) brings bad luck to the house and the individual- but Kim seems unfazed. “You don’t usher it out? You kill it?” Degeneres asked Kim who replied, “no. I kill it.” “My kids want to keep them and it’s like a whole thing but I don‘t care. I have a no spider scare tolerance rule. You’re dead, I don’t care,” the Skims founder said with no remorse. Kim’s spider fear is nothing new, in a classic episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim stars crying in Mexico after Kris tells her there is a spider on her. Watch the hilarious clip below.

Degeneres asked if the kids try to keep the spiders as pets and Kim revealed “they want to keep everything as pets,” including a lizard they recently caught and kept in the bathroom.

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