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Brad Pitt says as he’s gotten older he’s crankier and has no style when it comes to fashion

The coffee enthusiast is the face of De’Longhi

Brad Pitt has been one of Hollywood heartthrobs for decades and at 57 years old he’s still one of the most sought out and handsome actors. But if you ask him about his sense of style, he’ll say it‘s nonexistent. The actor recently became the face of the De’Longhi Italian coffee and he definantly looks fashionable posing in a four-figure cashmere Loro Piana jacket but when the cameras are off, he’s more worried about comfort. In an interview with Esquire, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” star said as he’s gotten older he’s “crankier” and has “no style” read the details below.

Pitt looks great on every red carpet and certainly knows how to clean up but he told Esquire, “You get older, you get crankier, and comfort becomes more important. I think it’s as simple as that.” The producer explained “If I have a style, it’s no style,” but he does appreciate a good monochrome look. “I like monochrome, without it being a uniform. I like the details in the stitching, the way it feels. If anything, that’s the only divining rod I have.” His style “is led by comfort,” he continued explaining he doesn’t want to look like a walking billboard. “I like the feel of a Lecia camera or the way a watch feels. I don’t want to look ostentatious, but if you come close, you notice. I like how the lining feels. It’s those details that are important to me. It’s too exhausting to follow trends. And I despise billboards; I just don’t want to be a billboard.”

Pitt will however make the right deal for something he believes in, hence his coffee machine deal. “I am a serious, professional, committed coffee drinker,” he said. “Usually a three-cappuccino drinker in the morning, and depending on the work in the afternoon, I might switch over to an espresso.” “I try to do very few of these things,” the Academy Award-winning actor explained. “But for me, it made sense to take a ride with De’Longhi. When you have confidence in your product, you don’t have to shove it down people’s throats. You can do it nicely.”

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