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Justin Timberlake is filmed working in Target in viral TikTok

Justin is seen ringing up Ice Breakers and gum.

Justin Timberlake made a TikTok appearance in an unlikely place; manning the cash register in Target.

In the video, Justin is ringing up Ice Breakers and a pack of gum. He’s wearing a coat and a Montana beanie hat, and not the traditional Target uniform. “What else do you want?” he asked Douglas Anthnoy, the guy who filmed and posted the video on TikTok. Strangely, after ringing up the items, Justin returns them to the shelf. “Justin Timberlake says post this for the naysayers,” reads the caption.

Justin Timberlake Target©Douglas Anthony

The video appears to be a joke between Justin and Douglas, but there’s not a lot of context, making it very confusing. While the video offers few explanations, this isn’t the first time that Justin and Douglas post videos together.

Douglas’ most recent clips were all taken on the same day, and feature Justin and him dancing to Kendrick Lamar in a parking lot. The other video features both of them having a drink while also dancing to the same song. Douglas captioned it “JT said we needed more videos.” In the hashtags, Anthony wrote: “HeSaidNoHateAndHeWillStartATikTok,” implying that at some point Justin might start a TikTok account of his own.

Justin Timberlake TikTok©Douglas Anthony

Comments in the video range from confused ones to people saying that celebrities also go on Target runs. “Why did he scan it and put it back on the rack,” wrote someone on TikTok. One comment stands out from the rest; Lance Bass, former *NSYNC band member and also someone with a pretty active TikTok account, wrote: ”This guy looks oddly familiar. I can‘t place it.”

Justin recently made the news due to his former relationship with Britney Spears. The scandal surrounding Britney’s conservatorship and the notoriety it has amassed has made a lot of people revisit their infamous relationship, which ended over 20 years ago.

While Justin has steered clear of any drama, he has tweeted in Britney’s support and believes everyone should be on her side.

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