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Lucie Arnaz revealed how she feels about Nicole Kidman portraying her mother Lucille Ball in new film

The famous daughter is executive producing the movie along with her brother.

The highly anticipated biopic film by Aaron Sorkin, ‘Being the Ricardos’ starring Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem has been approved by the famous couple’s daughter, Lucie Arnaz.

Lucille Ball with her husband Desi Arnaz©GettyImages
Lucille Ball with her husband Desi Arnaz.

In an interview with The Palm Springs Life magazine, the 70-year-old actress raved about Kidman’s performance portraying her mom in the film that she and her brother Desi Arnaz Jr. are executive producing together, according to E! News.

“Nicole did a spectacular job,” she said.”The two days that I watched, though, were both little flashbacks, so she was playing Lucy in the late ‘30s and mid-’40s. She wasn’t Lucy of Lucy Ricardo fame yet, so it was a trifle different. And I know she meant it to be, so it could feel different. But boy, what she did was astounding. She’s got such poise and class.”

Nicole Kidman in character©GrosbyGroup
Nicole Kidman in character as Lucille Ball in new biopic film.

“There are no lookalikes. I mean, nobody was cast because they look exactly like somebody,” the 70-year-old said.”They were cast because they‘re spectacular performers, actors, and they can capture the basic essence of what has been written in this script. And Aaron was adamant about that and thank God. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product.”

The famous daughter gave insight into the film saying, “It takes place, primarily, during rehearsals for one of the shows. There are a few scenes where they‘re at their house in Chatsworth, before working, after working.”

“There are two or three short flashback scenes to her life before ‘I Love Lucy,’ when she worked on the radio show, when she was trying to convince the network to hire dad. But stuff happens that week that didn‘t happen altogether the way Aaron has written it. He’s taking some theatrical license and sort of cramming a couple of true events that did happen, they just didn’t happen at the same time.”

The actors have been hard at work filming the movie. While details about the film have not really been given, paparazzi were able to catch a glimpse of the award-winning actress in character as the legendary comedian.

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