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7 things to know about the rising latina star, Barbara de Regil

Get to know the Mexican actress who was recently casted to join an upcoming Hollywood action-thriller

There is a lot to know about the stunning Mexican actress, Barbara De Regil. This rising star has a truly head turning figure, many talents and a wonderful family. We gathered 7 things that you should know about her personal life and her work.

1. She will be starring in the upcoming Hollywood action-thriller Blackout


Barbara has arrived in Hollywood! The gorgeous Mexican actress was recently cast to join the upcoming action-thriller Blackout starring Josh Duhamel, Abbie Cornish, Nick Nolte and Omar Chaparro. The movie, which will be directed by Sam Macaroni, is set to be filmed in Mexico and follows the story of a DEA agent who wakes up in a Mexican hospital with no recollection of how he got there. In search for answers in encounters the dangerous world of the cartels in Mexico.

2. Barbara will also be the star of a new Telemundo series, Parientes a la Fuerza, premiering this fall

If you like telenovelas, get ready for Telemundo’s new series Parientes a la Fuerza. The series set in L.A. tells the story of 50 year old Hollywood screenwriter named George Cruz played by Guy Ecker, who is going through a mid-life crisis after his mother dies, his wife betrays him and his career has reached a roadblock. He then meets Carmen Jurado, Barbara de Regil’s character, who as the protagonist becomes his muse. Yet, things become difficult for them when the differences between their families collide.

3. Barbara became a mother at the age of 16 and she has beautiful relationship with her daughter

Barbara opened up on her Instagram and shared that at 16 she was already a Mom. She said that life gifted her a battery that punctured her heart, soul and head, and it gave her a life partner. She often posts photos of her daughter expressing her love and deep bond, often referring to her as her best friend, her world.

4. She is a fitness instructor and she is said to have the best abs of all of Mexico

Barbara de Regil Leads a Motivational Cardio Class©GettyImages

On top of being an actress, this Mexican beauty is also a fitness instructor who has taught cardio class and also sells her exercise programs on her site. She is often referred to as the woman with best abs in all of Mexico. Seeing the below instagram post, we don’t doubt that comment a bit! :)

5. The Mexican series, Rosario Tijeras, in which she is most known for, is streaming in Netflix

Rosario Tijeras on Netflix©Netflix

If you want to watch Barbara de Regil in action, you can watch the first two seasons of Rosario Tijeras, an action-crime-thriller TV series. The show tells the story of a passionate and strong woman from a poor neighborhood in Mexico City, who because of the abuse she suffered by her stepfather, takes a wrong turn in life, with drugs, crime and revenge against all who hurt her. This is Barbara’s most famous role as of today.

6. She is married to a Mexican lawyer turned Instagram star, who she is very much in love with

Barbara has been married to Fernando Schoenwald since 2017. The two met through her cousin, Marco Antonio Regil, and had a moment of love at first sight. Since then, the two are inseparable and always supporting each other at events and often posting romantic lovey-dovey posts about each other. Fernando studied law and works in the real estate industry, however he has also become an online influencer with over 500,000 followers on Instagram! And these two look amazing together.

7. She was recognized as one of the top Social Media Influencer in wellness

Barbara de Regil - Winner©

In 2020, BienPremios, an award platform that aims at celebrating and rewarding the best products, services and experts in wellness and health, recognized Barbara as winner in the category of Best blogger, influencer or journalist with the greatest impact in health in Mexico. She was also a finalist in the category Best physical activity or fitness coach.