Vicente Fernández

Vicente Fernandez remains ‘serious but stable’ with minimal sedation

The singer‘s family denied reports that he will be transferred to a hospital in Houston, Texas.

New reports on Vicente Fernandez’s health indicate that the singer continues to be in “serious but stable” condition after suffering a fall that sent him to the operating room last weekend. The singer’s press office gave more details about his condition, explaining that he still depends on breathing support..

Vicente y Alejandro Fernández©@alexoficial
Vicente Fernandez was reported as “serious but stable” and is being treated in the Intensive Care Unit in Guadalajara, Mexico.

“With the authorization of the Fernandez Family, the treating medical team informs that the current health condition of Mr. Vicente Fernandez remains serious but stable concerning his vital signs,” reads the new text sent to the media.

“He continues to be dependent on ventilatory support due to poor respiratory effort. As for his brain functions, these are intact,” they added. The singer remains immobile as a result of the surgery, something that could hopefully change with rehabilitation.

“We expect a progressive recovery of mobilization. From his immediate post-surgery with early physical and pulmonary rehabilitation. He remains with minimal sedation and at the moment his system‘s without alterations,” the statement read. They also thanked everyone for their prayers for the health of the Charro de Huentitán.

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The singer was admitted to the hospital due to a fall he suffered at home.

For now, Alejandro Fernandez‘s father remains immobile due to the surgery, although it is uncertain if he has pins or plates in his neck. Due to the operation, it would be complicated to move him to a new hospital. Outlets began to report that the singer was being transferred to a hospital in Houston, Texas, where he would be treated by various specialists. However Despierta América quickly denied the reports. “It is information that has bothered the family a lot because they say it is incorrect. They even say it is rude to the doctors who have done everything possible to maintain Don Vicente’s health,” they said.

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It is a matter of time before the singer recovers from surgery.

In these moments of uncertainty, it has been the singer‘s children who have been keeping the public updated on the situation. “Fortunately everything is going very well”, said Vicente Fernandez Jr. to the media when he arrived this Tuesday to visit his father in the hospital. He explained the family is quite worried and asked for prayers for his father to get out of the hospital soon.

Messages From The Family

On Monday afternoon, Vicente Fernandez‘s press office issued the first statement to inform what was happening with him. “We thank the media, as well as his faithful followers and we inform on behalf of his medical team with the permission of the Fernández Abarca family, that the current condition of Don Vicente Fernández is undoubtedly serious, but stable,” they explained. “As is the sequence of the trauma caused by the fall itself that generated a rachimedullary traumatism at the cervical spine level,” continues the statement.

Vicente Fernández y Camila Fernández©@camifdzoficial
The singer‘s family sent him good wishes through social networks.

They continued: “At this moment of post-surgery, he is with ventilatory assistance and critical patient care in the Intensive Care Unit.” A new statement on the health condition of Don Vicente, who fell in his room and hit one of the bureaus in his bedroom, is still awaited. It was his wife, Doña Cuquita, who reported the accident to his family and later took him to the hospital.

Upon learning of the accident, the Charro de Huentitán’s children and grandchildren sent their best wishes for his speedy recovery. Alejandro Fernandez and his children shared photos with the patriarch to remind him how much they love him and how much they hope he will soon return home.

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