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Ryan Reynolds says online trolls have nothing on his daughters

“Why would I go online? I’ve got it right here at home.”

Ryan Reynolds has always had a good sense of humor, so it only makes sense that his daughters are following right in his footsteps.

The actor’s new film, Free Guy, is set partly within the world of a video game, where it pokes fun at the internet and just how much trolling goes on. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Reynolds was asked about the phenomenon, which is where he admitted that he doesn’t only deal with it online.

“Oh, God, yes, I do,” he said when asked if he’s ever been trolled. “Are you kidding me? I live with one. My wife trolls the crap out of me. Why would I go online? I’ve got it right here at home.”

“Even my daughters now troll me, so like I’m safe from nothing,” he continued, referring this three daughters with Blake Lively: James, 6, Inez, 4, and Betty, 22 months.

Lively and Reynolds met back in 2010 when they starred together as love interests in Green Lantern. They began dating a year later before tying the knot in September 2012.

While they do post their fair share of lovey-dovey captions praising one another, the pair are more famous for trolling each other on social media. The most recent example of this came while celebrating the 10th anniversary of their first date, when they took a trip back to the restaurant where their love story began.

“10 years later. We still go out on our ‘first date,’” Lively wrote under a photo of them showing off their date night looks. “But in much more comfortable shoes.”

She also posted a picture of Ryan standing in front of Boston sushi restaurant O Ya, writing, “If it weren’t for this place. We wouldn’t be together. No joke. No restaurant means more to us.”

Reynolds also shared a selfie of the two of them in front of the restaurant, writing, “Our favorite restaurant with her 4th favorite date.”