J Balvin partners with Miller Lite

¡Es Jose Time! J Balvin partners with Miller Lite to launch limited-edition neon beer cans

Each can is a collaborative design that features J Balvin’s signature lightning bolt and neon aesthetic

This summer, we can drink beer like J Balvin! The Colombian reggaeton superstar launched “Es Jose Time” in partnership with Miller Lite. The project’s campaign features the artist (whose real name is Jose Álvaro Osorio Balvin) and his take on Miller Time.

In addition, the collaboration also peeks behind the curtain of J Balvin’s on-stage persona and shows, plus, how he is like when he’s simply Jose: the man who values time with his family and close friends over everything else.

J Balvin partners with Miller Lite©Miller Lite

Fans of J Balvin and Miller Lite will be able to enjoy a cold beer from the vibrant, limited-edition cans. Each can is a collaborative design that features J Balvin’s signature lightning bolt and neon aesthetic, as well as future merch drops and unexpected experiences with his gente — those who come as they are.

J Balvin spoke with HOLA! USA about “Es Jose Time”, how he feels physically and mentally, his newest adventures, and so much more.

J Balvin partners with Miller Lite©Miller Lite
Why did you choose to partner with Miller Lite?

It is like a relationship! You both agree that you want each other. I love Miller Lite. I think it is very symbolic in the U.S culture and everywhere else. Just because I was born in Colombia, and I’m Latino, it doesn‘t mean that I’m not a global citizen. So to me, this sends the full statement that we are here. [Representing] the culture and young dreamers to just keep working and elevate themselves.

Besides your music, the world knows you by how colorful you dress and your signature lightning bolt. Please tell us how involved you were in the process of designing the cans for the beer.

It has to have my ID. I make music, but of course, the brand sees it as a business. So it is great to have your symbol in the can. This means that it‘s curated, that I was involved in this. It’s really beautiful. If you are a true fan of Miller Lite or J Balvin, now you can drink [responsibly] and collect the cans too.

J Balvin is your onstage persona. An upbeat and happy individual is always dancing; however, the campaign introduces Jose, the regular human being. Who is Jose, and what he likes to do?

The worst — he jokes. I’m just a regular human being. I get sick. I get cold. I‘m just a normal human being with the blessing that I can connect to the people through a persona that I created. And I love this campaign because I’m showing myself. I like to be with my friends. I like to be simple. Walk around, have a beer with my boys, or have a barbecue with them, just simple things. But J Balvin also makes me happy because we have been number one on music charts, selling records, sold out in stadiums and other venues, and that’s great!

As you just mentioned, as a normal human being, you also get sick. Thankfully you recovered from the COVID-19. You‘ve been very outspoken about it and the importance of mental health. Despite the challenges, you continue succeeding personally and professionally. How do you feel right now, and what’s next for you?

I feel grateful; we all have challenges. You‘re meant to go through challenges but stay positive all the time. I’m more conscious about myself, and I’m more focused this time. I’m just one more. I’m the neighbor next door.

J Balvin partners with Miller Lite©Miller Lite
There’s something super cool Jose loves to do, and it is skydiving. Can you please tell us about the experience?

I had to overcome the fear. I went from being scared by just being on the top of a building to jump 15,000 feet. It makes a big difference! You unlock your brain and your fears, and it is one more fear that is gone. I‘m really enjoying it, and it makes me feel alive, makes me feel good. People think that those who skydive are crazy, but they are not! We are conscious of what we’re doing, and we have to be really focused. Learn everything, every little detail; you got to be ready for anything to happen.

This interview was edited and condensed for clarity purposes.

Fans from select states interested in winning one of the highly covetable cans (and other “Es Jose Time” swag) should visit www.EsJoseTime.com for more information.

Miller Lite and J Balvin also want to impact the community through the campaign; therefore, Miller Lite will help support bodegas, corner stores, and other similar Latino-owned businesses with a $50,000 donation for Accion Opportunity Fund. The nonprofit provides affordable capital, educational resources, coaching, and networks to small business owners and advances racial, gender, and economic justice for all.

J Balvin partners with Miller Lite©Miller Lite

“Whether he is J Balvin on stage or Jose with his friends, there is no one more authentic to themselves than Jose. It made perfect sense to partner with him to imagine his version of Miller Time,” said Sofia Colucci, Vice President, Miller Family of Brands. “So many people look up to Jose because of how he chooses to live authentically. Just like Jose, we hope this campaign inspires everyone to experience their version of Miller Time.”

Over the next couple of months, J Balvin and Miller Lite will continue to emphasize the importance of spending quality time with your family and friends through TV spots, social content, and more “Es Jose Time” surprises to come.

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