Victoria Beckham’s favorite New York look strikes a scary resemblance to the Annabelle doll

Is it giving you Annabelle vibes?

Fashion is something that many people can have an opinion on. While some think high fashion is elegant and worth the money, others think it’s not worth the hype, even calling it “hideous.” At least that‘s what happened to Victoria Beckham this last week after she tried to show off one of her favorite “New York looks.” The look was a long-sleeve high-neck dress that went all the way to above the ankles. “One of my favorite New York looks is now available at and in our Dover Street store! @davidbeckham loves it too” she captioned the pic. Considering its summer in New York with temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s the look was already confusing, but people started to realize it had a scary resemblance to the cursed Annabelle doll from the movie “Annabelle Comes Home.” One user commented, “Who would actually wear this?” And another responded, “Annabelle, the creepy doll.”

Victoria Beckham©Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham and the Annabelle movie doll

Despite a cute little edit of her husband David Beckham saying “ooh la la,” people commented things like, “One of the most hideous dresses I have ever seen.” Others wrote “Reminds me of aunt Sally” and “It‘s rather Handmaids Tale.” The dress is listed for $1,890 and despite the haters, size 6 is actually sold out. Size 8, 10, and 12, is still available.

Annabelle is a movie released in 2014 and was inspired by the story of a haunted doll, narrated by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The doll that is in the film is porcelain, whereas the real one is a normal-looking Raggedy Ann doll wearing a very different out. The haunted doll is kept in The Warren‘s Occult Museum in Connecticut, USA.

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