John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's new puppy

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend welcome Pearl the Basset Hound to their household

Pippe would be proud

After the tragic passing of their dog Pippa, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have welcomed another fur child into their life. On July 27th Teigen shared a series of photos with their adorable new Basset Hound named Pearl. “Pearl has touched down into the legend/teigen/stephens household!” Chrissy wrote in the caption. She explained that they “love this little girl so much already” but she joked that Pearl took to Legend first. “Penny is obsessed with her so it’s been fun watching the adventures of penny and pearl unfold,” the cookbook author wrote. The new fur mom explained she grew up with Basset Hounds and can’t wait for “John to see this bouncy, no-bones, jello mold of skin grow into the stubborn logs of love” she loves so much.

Legend also shared photos of his new 4 legged child, “Meet our newest family member Pearl! 🐶❤️” the singer wrote.

Last week Teigen revealed that their French bulldog Pippa died in her arms. The fur and human mama wrote a letter for Pippa in the comments and said she hopes she loves their new puppy‘s name, “Pippa - we hope you love her name. A tribute to you! You were always an iconic, different lady when your pearls were on. I’ll never forget when they shattered in front of you and you sunk into a funk for weeks until we got you a new one lol.”

At the time of Pippa’s passing Teigen wrote, “Our beautiful little pippa just died in my arms, not long ago. she was 10, I remember picking her up in Gainesville and documenting our trip home. She was a sassy broad - loved her pearl necklace and never took shit from ANY new dog we brought in.”

In addition to Pippa, the family has a black three-legged French bulldog named Penny.