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Jessica Alba and Katherine Schwarzenegger talk parenting and therapy in IG Live

Jessica Alba recently made an appearance on Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Instagram series, Before, During, and After Baby. Jessica talked about her daughter, Honor, with whom she’s been going to therapy since she was 11 years old.

Alba has three kids, Honor, 13, Haven, 9, and Hayes, 3, whom she shares with her husband Cash Warren. “My 13-year-old, I‘m struggling with not treating her like a little [kid]. I want to treat them all like babies. I want to baby them. Still, my tendency is to parent them as if they are little,” said Alba. ”I started going to therapy with her I think when she was 11. For me it was really out of, I felt like my relationship really suffered with my parents because they didn’t know how to communicate with me and how I needed to be parented. So I didn’t want that breakdown with Honor so we went to therapy together.”

Alba said how therapy has been great for Honor, giving her the space to express herself and gain confidence. She shared how one time her daughter told her “‘When you need to guide me or when I screw up or whatever, this is how I want to be punished. This is what I respond to, this is what I don’t respond to in that way.’“ Honor also told Jessica how she wanted to spend more time with her without having Haven around.

“That was a big one,” Jessica said. Honor explained that she didn’t want to be mushed together with Honor and that they should be treated differently. ”‘You need to treat me like I’m me and she’s her. You can’t mush us together.’ I have to say, I kind of still struggle with that,” Jessica said.

Throughout the episode, Jessica and Katherine discussed other aspects of parenting and marriage, like the ways in which they were raised by their parents and the tools that were passed down to them. Katherine is the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.

Over the past, Katherine has expressed how grateful she is for the benefits of marriage counseling. On an appearance on Living Full Podcast, she credits premarital counseling for helping her develop a solid foundation with Chris Pratt before getting married in 2019.

“I know not everybody does [it], of course, because... if they don‘t tell you you have to do it then why would you? But for us... it was such an amazing gift in our relationship ahead of getting married that we’ve definitely wanted to continue throughout our relationship,” she said. Counseling gave the couple the opportunity to discuss things they normally wouldn’t have discussed before marriage, topics that “that couples of 10 or 15 years still don’t like to talk about with one another.”

Katherine and Chris started dating in 2018. Chris has a son named Jack from a previous marriage with Anna Faris, and a daughter named Lyla Marie, born in 2020, with Katherine.

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