Chyno Miranda habla de su estado de salud
Strength, Chyno!

[Watch] In an emotional video, Chyno Miranda shares with fans an update on his health recovery

The Venezuelan singer, who will return to the stage with Nacho at Premios Juventud, talks about his fight to get healthier.

Just a few hours before returning to the stage at Premios Juventud, Jesús ‘Chyno’ Miranda, from the duo Chyno and Nacho, shared unseen images of his health recovery as well as a heartfelt message that revealed in detail how coronavirus has changed his life forever.

The interpreter of ‘Me voy enamorando’ was diagnosed with COVID-19 last year and as a result, he suffered a peripheral neuropathy, which affected his mobility. The singer had to learn how to walk again. Currently, he is facing a battle with depression among other collateral health complications.

Chyno y Nacho©@nacho
Chyno returns to the stage after a 4 year hiatus from his duo partner Nacho

In September 2020, Chyno made public his health struggles. On Instagram, the Venezuelan singer shared updates about the difficult process he was going through. Almost a year after a fierce battle to recover from a peripheral neuropathy, Chyno posted a message with never-before-seen images of his days in the hospital.

In the video, Jesús ‘Chyno’ Miranda is seen at the hospital bed next to his wife, Natasha Araos, who has unconditionally support him throughout the whole process. There are also images of him in which the singer is shown in a wheelchair, a bit deteriorated, but above all, with an infinite desire to continue his journey in life.

Chyno Miranda©@chynomiranda

The video explained what happened to Chyno. “After going through COVID, I was faced with a peripheral neuropathy. I was’t not able to walk. I had an encephalitis, which is an inflammation of the brain that generates confusion in thinking,” reads in the video.

It continues, “I had a lot of depression, a lot of sadness,” said Chyno, who at age 36 experienced complicated health issues that were impacting him more and more. “When I returned home, I had to learn to bathe, to do everything again, this whole process has been difficult. I really want you to know, I really am quite hurt, quite dismayed by the whole process here,” said Chyno.

“I want to tell all my fans that I am here with all the love in the world to talk with you, I want you to know the whole reality of the matter and that I love you very much,” concluded the artist. [Chyno]

Towards the end, Chyno shows one of his tattoos that reads “The sun will always rise.” This has become his life mantra.

The video caption shows a final statement: “This message is the result of Chyno’s need to share his current health status and emotional state with all fans... On July 13, the interview lasted five hours, and in that time, it was very difficult for Chyno to articulate his own message. That is why we ask the media and the public for their understanding and support for him and his family.”

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