Mandy Moore and her baby Gus

Mandy Moore praises 4-month-old baby Gus after his first flight

“He was the definition of a trooper”

Mandy Moore couldn’t be happier with how well her baby did on his first flight ever.

On Thursday, July 1, the This Is Us actress took to Instagram to document her experience of taking her 4-month-old son August “Gus” Harrison on his first flight along with husband Taylor Goldsmith.

“First flight for Mom and Dad in 16 months. Baby’s first flight ever,” she wrote alongside a selfie of her family on the plane. “But this guy aced his first trip from LA to DC. The best guy ever!!”

Mandy Moore takes her 4-month-old on his first flight©Mandy Moore

But even though baby Gus was well-behaved on the flight, Moore went on to share that things got complicated once the actress and her family tried to travel to Maine, where they had planned to spend the Fourth of July weekend.

The new mom then revealed that their next flight got canceled, saying it would be “hours until we get our bags,” which just so happened to contain the “base to our car seat (that was checked) to travel anywhere with my baby.”

“I have a 4 month old freaking out,” she told her followers. “This is insane.”

“First time traveling with the baby...our flight got cancelled,” she wrote in another story over a somber selfie. “Anyone got a heads-up on how a family can get from DC to Maine?”

She went on to say, “All flights are full. No trains either. And rental cars are scarce due to the holiday. Help!!!!”

While the flight being cancelled was still an unfortunate situation, Moore did go on to say that they were able to get their bags, including the base to the car seat for baby Gus.

Mandy Moore's Instagram Story©Mandy Moore

“Our bags arrived for no reason other than luck (seriously- there were hundreds of angry folks waiting for bags just like us,” she continued on her Instagram Story. “And then we managed to make it to a hotel and bathe, feed and put sweet goose down by midnight. Grateful he was the definition of a trooper.

Sadly enough, since there were no flights or trains available to travel to Maine, Moore went on to say that her family would be returning home, because she couldn‘t “put my poor guy in the car (in crazy weather) to drive 12 hours for 2 days.”

At least she knows her little one will be a good traveling companion in the future.

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