Meet Elysanij
Multifaceted and unique

Meet Elysanij: Latin music rising star everyone is talking about

The Puerto Rican singer has become a musical reference for the new generations

Hispanic entertainment has a new voice! Elysanij, also known as “La dulce melodía,” is a multifaceted and unique young artist from “La Isla del Encanto,” Puerto Rico, who has taken her first steps rapidly penetrating Latin music taste.

Born Janielys Maldonado, she begins in the music scene by singing with her family; however, it wasn’t until the age of 14 that she began to take over the microphones. Her greatest inspiration, her father, the well-known merengue singer from the 90s, Maldo, taught her to play the guitar, and it was there when the muse knocked on the door. Elysanij completed her first composition in her teenage years, a bachata entitled “Hoy.”

Elysanij Singer©Hola
Photo: Alexander (LexxDirector) Hernández

Although she is very young, Elysanij has already experimented with various musical genres and in an exclusive interview with HOLA! USA, she confesses that her dream is to be able to cover all styles. “I always say that I am a Latin artist, and I don’t like to defend a single musical genre because I present myself with bachata, merengue, salsa, and now reggaeton,” she explains.

“I don’t want to close doors. When fans go to my concerts, I want them to be able to dance to everything. Give them a multifaceted show because that’s what I am.”
Meet Elysanij: Latin music rising star©Hola
Photo: Alexander (LexxDirector) Hernández

Her most recent success is the remake of the famous song “Killing Me Softly,” in which the Puerto Rican star combines hip hop with the urban genre to result in a piece that not only shows the maturity and versatility in his unique voice but also strategically, will allow her to reach a diversity of audiences. “‘Killing Me Softly’ is a classic that will live on for generations,” reveals Elysanij. “It is for this very reason that I chose it. I hope that when in the future they explain where it comes from, they will mention that in 2021 I was the first Puerto Rican and super Latina artist who recorded it.”

The singer also explains that this song, written in 1972 by Charles Fox with lyrics by Norman Gimbel and in collaboration by Lori Lieberman, became an anthem thanks to Roberta Flack. The latter took the single to the top of the charts in the United States, Australia, and Canada.

In 1996, Lauryn Hill and Los Fugees dusted off the song once again to immortalize it as one of the best-selling and most memorable compositions in modern times. “For me, this song is everything,” she adds. “I used to sing it in karaoke, and when I didn’t even have the plan to be an artist. I just had a good time with my family, at parties, and this song was always playing.”

Elysanij: Latin music rising star©Hola
Photo: Alexander (LexxDirector) Hernández

One day, according to the singer, she realized that none of her favorite songs had been taken to the urban genre, and that was when she decided to give the big step. “With my work team, I started putting this puzzle together until it happened,” she says. “I did it with an incredible responsibility because I did not want to fail, and so far, the song is playing on all the stations in Puerto Rico, the support has been unconditional, and many artists have written to me.”

The rising star also tells us that she wants to record songs with La India, Romeo Santos, and many other luminaries. “I really want to record with everyone. Music is communication, union, and everyone should know it. When I see Karol G, Becky G, Ivy Queen, for me, they are my inspiration,” she says.

The singer has already received her seal of approval from the queen of reggaeton, Ivy Queen, who sponsored her, while Olga Tañón invited her to interpret one of her songs after being impressed with her talent. “Ivy opened the way for all of us who are now,” she says gratefully. “And Olga, like Ivy, is a strong and empowered woman. They are women to whom you have to take your hat off.”

Elysanij has many goals to fulfill, and she will not rest until she sees her dreams come true. “I want to get to the future, continue with my music, be on stage, and do my best. I want to give messages that build something beautiful and that make you want to continue living and dancing and even making more friends,” she concludes.

Despite the ravages caused by the pandemic, Elysanij is preparing musical surprises and recently launched “Viajeros” with Dálmata, known for songs like “Tell your friend,” “Pasarela,” “Dulce Carita,” and many more.

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