Vanessa Hudgens meets Ashley Tisdale's 2-month-old daughter Jupiter

Ashley Tisdale says her daughter ‘fell in love’ with Vanessa Hudgens

“It’s just like such a surreal moment”

After welcoming her child into the world, it’s only right Ashley Tisdale gush about the moment she introduced her first-born to her best friend, Vanessa Hudgens.

During an interview with Access Hollywood last week, the High School Musical alum opened up about the “surreal moment” Hudgens finally got to meet her 3-month-old daughter, Jupiter Iris.

“It was awesome. It was really cool,” Tisdale said of the pair’s meeting back in May. “It’s just like such a surreal moment.”

Vanessa Hudgens meets Ashley Tisdale's 2-month-old daughter Jupiter©Ashley Tisdale

“She just fell in love with Vanessa. I think she just knew how important she was to me because she reached out her arms to her,” she added. “Vanessa was just teary-eyed and she just couldn‘t believe...she just kept on staring at her. It was so cute.”

The singer also revealed that her longtime friend was the “only person” to know the baby’s name before her arrival on March 23.

These details about their sweet introduction comes after Tisdale revealed last month that Hudgens had finally gotten the chance to meet the newborn, sharing pictures of the event to her Instagram Stories.

“Juju & Aunt Nessa,” the 35-year-old wrote alongside a photo of Vanessa cradling the newborn in her arms.

Under another photo of the pair soaking up the moment, Tisdale noted that Jupiter was already a big fan of the actress.

Vanessa Hudgens meets Ashley Tisdale's 2-month-old daughter Jupiter©Ashley Tisdale

“Literally Jupiter opened her arms like hold me the minute she met Ness,” she wrote. “Warmed my heart.”

Hudgens also told her followers about the heartwarming encounter, sharing one of the photos on her own Instagram page and writing, “I melt over this angel.”

Back in April, the “Sneaker Night” singer spoke to Access about her former Disney Channel costar and her baby, revealing why they had to wait a little longer in order to meet.

“Just making sure we’re being safe with COVID still being a thing,” she explained at the time. “We’re gonna wait until I have time and make sure that I’m not traveling anywhere. Just block out a window to be able to meet Jupiter.”

Vanessa continued, “I’m so excited though. She was like, ‘You have to come over and sing for her because she loves singing.’ She’s like, ‘Whenever she’s on her stomach she kicks when there’s singing.’”