Andra Day and Brad Pitt dating rumors
Dating Rumors

Andra Day turned down Brad Pitt dating rumors saying the two have never even met

The 36-year-old cleared the air at Sunday’s BET Awards.

Another day, another dating rumor in Hollywood! This time it involves actor Brad Pitt and actress Andra Day. Rumors have been circulating that the ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ actor and ‘The United States Vs. Billie Holiday’ actress is an item but at the BET Awards red carpet, Day quickly shut down those rumors.

It’s unknown how the rumor started with these two. The 36-year-old actress and singer told Entertainment Tonight on Sunday that her and Pitt are not dating.

“We‘ve never met. I was like, ’Oh, all right,’ ” Day said. ”My sister actually hit me up after; she was like, ’You met Brad Pitt?’ I said, ’I guess so. I guess we did.’ ”

“We‘re not dating. We don’t even know each other. It is hilarious. It was thin air. Somebody was bored that day,” Day went on to say.

Although they are not dating, Day did tell Entertainment Tonight what she thinks of the Oscar-winning actor. “He‘s great, though. Super talented, wonderful.”

Pitt is no stranger to dating rumors. Back in late 2019, the actor was rumored to be dating actress Alia Shawkat, according to Us Weekly.

A source quickly denied the rumors saying, “They have an incredibly tight bond and trust each other implicitly. They’re only about 10 minutes away from each other, so Alia will bike or walk to Brad’s place whenever they have time to chill. It’s all very organic and easy.”

Aside from turning down Pitt dating rumors, Sunday’s BET Awards was a big night for Day. The 36-year-old took home the 2021 BET best actress award for her performance as Billie Holiday in the film ‘The United States Vs. Billie Holiday.’

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