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Liam Payne talks about his recent phone call with Harry Styles and dark days in One Direction

Payne said Styles has a “sixth sense” for when one of them is struggling or in trouble

Following the news that Liam Payne and model Maya Henry ended their engagement, Harry Styles sixth sense was tickling. Liam appeared on Monday‘s episode of The Diary of a CEO podcast with host Stephen Bartlett and revealed, “Yeah, I did speak to Harry, and it was really lovely.” The singer continued, “he called me because he has a sixth sense for if I’m struggling or if one of us is in trouble, I feel like.” Payne officially left One Direction in 2016 after signing to Capitol Records but there was never any bad blood between the two.  The new bachelor  shared details of their convo and opened up about the “severe problems” he had with drugs and alcohol when he was still in the band.

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One Direction

Payne said it was a “really lovely catch-up” with Harry and, “I‘ve got a lot of love for the man. He’s great, he’s really, really great… It’s hard in this position sometimes, you’re watching people’s stories from afar that you used to know so well.” He admitted it can be hard straying apart and said, “That can be difficult when you feel like a piece of you is missing with them at that point, I guess. And I think we’ve all felt this at different times, me and the boys.” He added, “It’s almost like missing a very dear friend a lot of the time. Everyone’s so busy and you have to be understanding of that.”

The “Polaroid” singer also said he wanted to get all the boys in a room together again. “I‘d love for us to get in a room at some point. I think it would be the best thing. We’ve all said it outside but we’ve just not said it to each other.” If the group ever decided to put their reunion on tour, things would have to change. Payne revealed that he hit “rock bottom” while he was in the band, per PEOPLE.

I just didn’t like myself very much and then I made a change [Payne]

“I was worried how far my rock bottom was going to be. Where’s rock bottom for me? And you would never have seen it. I’m very good at hiding it,” “No one would ever have seen it.” Payne even admitted to moments of ”suicidal ideation.” “There is some stuff that I have definitely never, never spoken about. It was really, really, really severe. It was a problem. And it was only until I saw myself after that I was like ’Right, I need to fix myself,’” Payne said when asked by the host. Drugs and alcohol were also taking over the singer’s life. “’There were a few pictures of me on a boat and I was all bloated out,” Payne continued. “I call it my pills-and-booze face. My face was just like 10 times more than it is now. I just didn’t like myself very much and then I made a change.”

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