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Ricky Martin reveals his 2-year-old daughter doesn’t enjoy his singing

The singer believes that she might know that she’s the princess of the house

Ricky Martin is making an appearance on June 7th at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” To surprise Ellen DeGeneres and congratulate her for her outstanding career, he delivered over 3,000 flowers. During the show, the Puerto Rican superstar and father of four shared details about how he quarantines with his kids.

According to Martin, it has been “great, warm and cozy,” however, from time to time, he might get a little bit of anxiety. “We’re doing really well; kids are amazing,” he told Ellen. When asked about his daughter Lucia Martin-Yosef, he said: “I have one little girl that has two daddies and three brothers, she’s two years old, and she knows that,” he joked, referring that she might know that she’s the princess of the house.

The “Living La Vida Loca” singer went ahead and shared how Lucia, although “she doesn‘t snap fingers yet,” she knows what she wants and definitely, what she does not. “She loves Coco Melons [and] I’m singing with her, and she goes, ‘No, no daddy, no, stop, stop.’ And I’m like, ‘let me sing, I want to sing,’ [and she replies] ‘NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO,’” Martin said laughing. “So she doesn’t let me sing, and this is serious because she doesn’t let me sing.”

Contrary to his daughter, Ricky tells Ellen that his two older kids, twin boys Valentino and Matteo, know he is a singer and enjoy going on tour with him. Martin’s third son is named Renn. “The big ones are telling me, ‘come on, dad, when are we going on the road? We got to do this,’” the singer said. “They‘re really looking forward to it. They love being on the road. They started touring with me when they were four.”

Ricky Martin at the Ellen Show©Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

According to Ricky Martin, he is ready to go back on tour, and fans can enjoy his show as soon as this year. “We’re back,” he announced. “September, hopefully,” he revealed. Immediately, Ellen extended Ricky the invitation to come back again for her final season in 2022 and perform for the audience.

The 49-year-old San Juan native also spoke about his latest tattoo and why he wants more as he gets older. “I want to cover because, after 50, things start shaping up weirdly,” he joked. “So you can cover it with ink.”

The singer also discusses being on the cover of People’s Pride Issue and shares he was happy to talk about his family to help normalize families that look like his. The award-winning star got personal in the publication and said he is “more comfortable in his own skin than ever before.”

Ricky also spoke about the onePULSE Foundation and its mission to create a memorial to honor and preserve the memory of those killed in the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting. Thanks to Smirnoff, Ellen presented Ricky and the onePULSE Foundation a check for $50,000.

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