Demi Moore

Demi Moore flashes back to iconic ‘Charlie’s Angels’ scene after riding her tractor in Idaho

It’s time to rewatch the Charlie’s Angels movies

Demi Moore celebrated flashback Friday on Instagram by reminding everyone why she was everyone‘s dream girl with a funny then and now. The actress shared the famous clip from Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003) of Moore driving a red Ferrari out of the parking lot after surfing on her story and wrote “Riding into summer then vs.. now.” The next picture was of Moore now driving the same color… tractor.

Demi Moore©Demi Moore
Demi Moore

Moore shared another clip of the film starring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Luci Liu, and Jaclyn Smith onto her main grid and was praised in the comments by fans who saw the movie when it came out. “I have this burned in my memory from the theatre. It was that damn hot. 🔥” Actor Selma Blair wrote. Another fan reminisced, “She’s my childhood crush. I swore I was gonna marry her one day haha. She still a beauty too!”

Moore has been riding tractors and living with 9 dogs for the majority of the pandemic in Idaho. But her time in the state goes back to 1988 when her now ex husband Bruce Willis moved to the small town of Hailey. That same year they welcomed their first daughter Rumer and wanted to keep expanding the family with some privacy away from Hollywood like “regular people.” The plan seemed to quickly change because instead of laying low Willis bought out almost the entire Idaho town in the ‘90s.

Hailey Idaho Bruce And Demis Home General Phots Of Hailey Idaho Where Bruce Willis And Demi©GettyImages
Bruce and Demi’s main home in Idaho in 1994

Willis’s money was pumped into the small town that had a population of less than 10,000. The actor bought a diner, a club, his own theater, and a renovated Victorian mansion for Moore to put her porcelain doll collection inside. It became so popular that people started calling it “Planet Haileywood” and it turned into a PR disaster, per Ranker. Celebrities started visiting the Idaho hideaway and tourists would stop by hoping to see them. As reported by Ranker, Willis hired about 250 locals through his real estate company, Valley Entertainment, and became a local real estate tycoon. But everything came to an end following their 1998 divorce.

After the split, Willis reportedly ended his investment without warning any of his employees. He then closed down the nightclub, diner and reportedly ditched the buildings located on Hailey’s Main Street. Willis canceled all future development plans and was sued by former contractors and employees over unpaid wages, per Nicki Swift. Years later, the former couple still loves Idaho and even quarantined there with their daughters in Moore’s stunning ranch during the coronavirus pandemic.

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