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Mom-to-be Valentina Ferrer shares how her wellness brand has helped her through her pregnancy

“I have some cravings, and I do my best to balance the good and bad,” she said

As a model who is always on the run, Valentina Ferrer knows how easy it is to forget to consume the vitamins and minerals our body needs to function correctly. The former Miss Argentina and mom-to-be know that having handy products that already pack all the nutrients for our skin, hair, and organs is the best way to fit them easily into our daily routine and lifestyle.

Therefore, she took an essential step in her career and became the co-founder of KAPOWDER Superfood. A unique wellness brand that offers consumers unique formulas for boosting energy levels while maintaining a healthy weight, enhancing skin collagen, and improving skin and gut health.

Valentina Ferrer©KAPOWDER

“Health and wellness have been my passion since I can remember,” Ferrer told HOLA! USA. “When the opportunity came to join KAPOWDER, it made complete sense and was the perfect fit. I love that through KAPOWDER; I can inspire young women to be present in their journey and find balance with a healthy lifestyle.”

The market is full of wellness brands; however, Valentina says that what differentiates KAPOWDER from other companies is that her products don’t have all the yucky stuff. “We are Australian made, and our blends are unique with high-quality ingredients. We believe nature offers the best benefits for a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, KAPOWDER is made without any synthetic ingredients that can lead to skin and gut issues,” she explained.

Valentina Ferrer co-founder of KAPOWDER Superfood.©KAPOWDER

Ferrer told HOLA! USA that the “formulas have all been created with doctors, nutritionists and with a naturopath’s input.” However, some details are based on personal preferences. “Since I am vegan as well as my co-founder Sara Davey, being organic and having no sugar and additives is super important to us,” she said, adding that “KAPOWDER is made with all-natural ingredients, no fillers, gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, and sugar-free.”

Valentina is expecting her first child with Colombian superstar J Balvin, and after receiving the stamp of approval from her primary care doctor, she continued using the brand. “I take the full KAPOWDER range daily, but we always suggest seeing your health professional before use when pregnant to see if it is the best for you. One of my favorites is Enlighten!” she told us.


Thanks to this hydrator made of blue spirulina, a blue pigment derived from green algae, rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, and antioxidants, Ferrer increases her hydration, energy levels, and metabolism providing to her body omega-3 fatty acids.

“Having a child will be my greatest achievement. It switched my focus from the outside to the inside. I’m a working mother and don’t get a lot of time for myself in between tasks, so I created products that work with me and my lifestyle, which make me feel my best always,” she says.

Valentina loves being a strong woman and now a strong mother. She shares that “the female energy is strong, creative, and nurturing, and my work allows me to tap into that every day.”

Valentina Ferrer©@valentinaferrer

Fighting her pregnancy cravings hasn’t been a big issue for the model. “I’m a big believer in everything in moderation, sure I have some cravings, and I do my best to balance the good and bad,” she said.

For first-time consumers, Ferrer also has a suggestion. “The best product to start with would be REVITALISER & VITALITY. Both act as a detox but pumping in vital nutrients to the body to start your journey,” she advises.

Valentina Ferrer and Sara Davey want to keep growing their business by offering products that actually work. According to Ferrer, they are getting ready to launch a new category soon. “We want to make sure KAPOWDER can be used in every aspect of your daily routine,” she concluded.

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