Michael B. Jordan stops by The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Michael B. Jordan plans on breaking his family’s naming tradition with his future kids

“I’m gonna give him his own identity. He’s gotta walk in his own shoes.”

Michael B. Jordan stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, May 10 for an in-studio appearance to talk about everything he’s been up to in both his personal and professional life.

During his conversation with host Ellen DeGeneres, Michael admits that he gained 10 lbs. during quarantine, a lot of which came from making homemade pasta dishes for his family from his makeshift restaurant, Jordano’s.

The Without Remorse star goes on to explain that his 1-year-old nephew bought him some time to focus on other things before having kids of his own.

“He bought me some time,” Jordan said of his sister’s son. “Lennox definitely gave me a break right there.”

But that doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking about the future: That’s when the actor reveals whether he would continue the family tradition by naming his future son Michael C. Jordan, since his father is Michael A. Jordan.

The short answer? No.

“I am breaking that circle right there,” the 34-year-old revealed. “It’s too much. The pressure I had to live up to my dad’s name and I’m not gonna put that on my kid.

He continued, “I’m gonna give him his own identity. He’s gotta walk in his own shoes.”

After that, Jordan tells Ellen about his upcoming directorial debut with Creed 3 and training underwater during a photoshoot for Men’s Health magazine. Michael also opens up about what he wants his legacy to be and his desire to create projects that ultimately lead to the world being a better place.

Following their interview segment, DeGeneres puts Jordan in the hot seat to answer some of her “Burning Questions!” Check out the video down below to find out the most rebellious thing he did as a teen, the strangest thing he knows way too much about, and what he has tried that he will never do again.

When he’s not working, Michael B. Jordan is spending a lot of his free time with girlfriend Lori Harvey. After months of romance rumors, the couple made their romance Instagram official in January, and they’ve been absolutely smitten ever since.

Luckily for Jordan, Lori’s stepfather, Steve Harvey, approves.

“This guy is such a good guy, man. He is one of the nicest guys, man,” the Family Feud host told Ellen in march. “I met his father. I’ve sat up with him. We’ve talked for hours. I just can’t find nothing wrong with him. I’m hoping to.”

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