Mario Lopez Tapes "Extra"
Celebrity Dads

Mario Lopez talks about his busy year and why he loves breakfast time with his family so much

The celebrity dad spoke to HOLA! USA about his recent partnership.

Mario Lopez can easily be described as one of Hollywood’s busiest people. When Lopez isn’t hosting Access Hollywood, you might find him filming a new movie, or rehearsing lines for his role on the ‘Saved by the Bell’ reboot on Peacock. But regardless of the 47-year-old’s hectic schedule everyday, he always makes breakfast time with his three children a priority in his household which makes his recent partnership with Real California Milk quite fitting.

HOLA! USA caught up with the celebrity dad about his busy year and why he chose to partner with the milk brand. “I’ve been real busy, actually quite the busiest I’ve ever been ironically. I just got back from Sante Fe, New Mexico and shot a new film coming out this year for Lifetime. I have Access Hollywood, my radio show. Now I’m getting ready for “Saved By the Bell” and this recent partnership with Real California Milk, so quite a few things are going on.”

Lopez has partnered with Real California Milk to debut a series of digital Children’s Storybooks highlighting the importance of family and breakfast to help encourage families to cherish shared moments. The Breakfast Time Stories, starring lovable animated characters are available in both English and Spanish.

Lopez said he’s always been a big milk fan and he loves what the company stands for. “I’m a big milk lover, I used to drink like a gallon a day. I like that the company is all about real foods, real families, it’s all made right here in California so I am supporting local farmers and they’re dedicated to sustainable farming which I also love.”

The actor said breakfast and dinner time are two of his favorite parts of his day to be with his family, especially if everyone is in a good mood. “I love breakfast time if all of the kids wake up in a good mood and no one started arguing yet. It’s right before the day begins, it’s one of my favorite times of the day. Breakfast time and dinner time I look forward to the most.”

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