Dwayne Johnson and his daughter

Jason Momoa surprises Dwayne Johnson’s daughter with the sweetest birthday gift

The actor admitted that now that his daughter knows his father is Maui from ‘Moana,’ Giana has one important question, “Daddy do you know AquaMan?”

Jason Momoa sent the sweetest video to Dwayne Johnson’s daughter, just in time for her birthday celebration!

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The star of Aquaman surprised 3-year-old Tiana Gia and helped his fellow actor make her day even more special, as Dwayne confessed she is “obsessed” with the superhero.

The 48-year-old Hollywood actor shared the moment on social media, and his 5-year-old daughter Jasmine was also present for the incredible surprise.

The two girls were watching TV, and Jason can be seen in the TV, with Tiana stepping away from the screen, jumping with joy after listening to the sweet message.

“I‘m sorry I couldn’t be there but I love you and tell your papa that I love him too,” Jason says in the birthday video, adding, “”I’ll see you soon, happy 3rd birthday. Bye Jazzy, bye Tia, love you.”

Dwayne previously posted some videos with Tiana, spending time together and watching Aquaman, playing with an action figure, and showing a drawing of the superhero.

Dwayne Johnson on Instagram©Instagram

He also joked about her daughter’s love for the iconic character, stating “now this is getting ridiculous,” and declaring that “Black Adam’s gonna hand out a fresh Aqua Ass Whuppin’ if this disrespect keeps up,” in reference to his upcoming movie.

The loving father also wrote on Instagram “Happy Birthday to my sweetest lil‘ Tia Giana,” admitting that now that she knows his daddy is Maui from Moana, Giana has one important question, “Daddy do you know AquaMan?”

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