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The Kennedys honor Maeve and son Gideon one year after drowning with incredible tributes

RFK’s granddaughter and great-grandson tragically passed away last April

The Kennedy family memorialized Maeve Kennedy Townsend Mckean and her son Gideon one year after their tragic deaths. Robert F. Kennedy’s granddaughter, who was 40, and great-grandson, eight, drowned on April 2, 2020 after their canoe was swept away in the Chesapeake Bay. A year later, the grieving prestigious family has honored them in incredible ways. First and foremost, the Kennedy-McKean clan launched the “Maeve and Gideon” website on Friday, April 2, providing the world with a digital memorial to the duo.

Maeve and her son Gideon died following a canoe accident©GettyImages
Maeve, Gideon and family

The family wrote: “This website was put together by Maeve and Gideon’s family and friends to serve as a virtual scrapbook of their lives and those who loved them, and as a space to learn about and support the ongoing work being done in their names.” The site aims to bring anyone who knew the mother and son joy, and urges their loved ones to contribute memories or artifacts they might have.

Maeve and Gideon features a lovely tributes page which showcases the amazing ways they’ve been memorialized. For instance, the nonprofit RFK Human Rights dedicated an ambulance in their name in April 2020 to the Italian Red Cross in Florence. Another tribute came from the family’s “dear friend” Annie Costlow, who dedicated her book Modern Crepe Recipe Book to the late pair.

Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean and Gideon©Facebook
Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean and Gideon

Maeve and Gideon are even written in the stars! Loved one Gail O’Hara added them to the renowned Star-Name Registry. However, she didn’t choose just any stars, she purchased binary stars, which is when one star revolves around the other or two stars that revolve around a common center. “6438604 - Lacerta are named after Gideon and Maeve,” the site says.

The duo’s legacy also lives on through various fellowships and funds. “We are grateful for the outpouring of love and support for Maeve and Gideon and the incredible fellowships and funds that have been stood up in their memory and in recognition of Maeve’s work and achievements,” a statement reads.

The family also held a virtual 5K and asked supporters to plant a tree in Maeve and Gideon’s honor if they could. “They were both incredible and bright and we miss them every day,” they said. Our thoughts go out the family.

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