Ricky Martin Leg Tattoo

Ricky Martin’s new GIANT leg tattoo is ‘ink with movement’

Ricky Martin has another massive tattoo to add to his collection. On Friday the singer shared a black and white photo of a giant wave tattoo with black ink that goes from the bottom of his toes, wraps around his shin and calf, then moves all the way up to his knee. Martin looked proudly at his fresh ink in an all-black outfit with a hoodie and black pants and captioned the post, “Tinta con Movimiento” he also tagged his tattoo artist Roxx, and wrote, “your vibes, your talent, your friendship. You are a legend!!! Thank you!” Roxx shared a color photo of the post on his page and wrote in the caption, “For a beautiful human, @ricky_martin thank you for all that you do for us in the LGBTQ+ community and with your foundation @rm_foundation... you are pure gold”

Ricky Martin©Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin

Of course, a huge tattoo like that takes time, multiple sessions, and a lot of hours to complete- and it looks like Martin started the process back in 2020. On July 5th he shared a photo of his foot with black ink in the same design as his new tattoo. He captioned the photo “tat· too ta-ˈtü ” but fans wondered if it was real because it kind of just looked like paint. He was likely getting a “test” session done, planning out how the real thing would look like. Many of his feet fans didn’t have a problem with its authenticity and commented, “ Perfect foot 😍”

The 49-year-old has plenty of ink that he displays proudly like a giant tribal chest piece and upper arm and shoulder tattoos. He has a naked woman decorated in the four elements of nature, a lotus flower, ‘Our Lord’s Prayer’ written in Aramaic script, the “om symbol,” and more. According to Betheknockout, his first tattoo was a small rose wrapped around a sword on his pelvis area.