Michael Strahan
The Gap Lives

Michael Strahan wins April Fools’ day after claiming he closed his gap

Michael Strahan’s gap is here to stay, for a little while at least

Michael Strahan definitely won‘t end up on any lists about celebrities who failed on April Fools.’ The former professional football player got away with one of the most epic April Fools’ day pranks in celebrity history. Fans have been freaking out for the last 2 days after Strahan posted a highly believable, perfectly produced video of him going to see a dentist to close his famous gap. Strahan looked completely different with a mouth full of perfectly straight, white, gapless teeth by the end of the video. He looked undeniably elated when he looked in the mirror, smiling and proud of his “new smile.”

People started to suspect if it was an April Fools’ day prank but since he posted the video in March they started to actually believe it. Fans started leaving supportive comments like, “Well @michaelstrahan you did it and I’m happy for you. It was your signature look, but doesn’t mean you can’t have a second signature look.” Heidi Klum however, was not impressed, commenting, “oh no 😮.”

Strahan finally came clean on April Fools’ with an “update video” but waited until the end of it to finally pull the mask down. He thanked his dentist for “hooking a brother up” and everyone who left comments like “no, don’t get rid of the gap” saying he was “surprised” by how many people cared. “I appreciate all the love for the gap. I’ve had it for almost 50 years now and a lot of people out there would say you make me feel good about rocking mine, and I know it’s a shocker to see it gone.” He continued, “be you, do what makes you happy because I did and I’m happy that I did it.” Finally, he pulled down the mask and revealed his signature gap before saying, “April Fools.”

Strahan said the gap was here to stay “for a little while” because this momma likes it. He said he actually started to feel bad about not closing it once he saw all the hullabaloo it caused.