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Amanda Kloots reflects back on the day she drove her late husband to the hospital last year

The fitness instructor shared a touching Instagram post on Tuesday.

It’s been a little over a year that the COVID-19 pandemic has been going on, making it a difficult time as people are reflecting back on the past year for multiple reasons, including mourning those they lost from the virus.

‘The Talk’ co-host, Amanda Kloots took time yesterday to remember the exact day last year when she drove her late husband Nick Cordero to the hospital after he felt ill, which doctors eventually discovered that it was COVID-19 that he was sick with.

On Tuesday, the 39-year-old posted a video of her and her adorable almost 2-year-old son, Elvis Eduardo, last year after they dropped off Cordero at Los Angeles‘ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

The caption read, “March 30, 2020 Elvis and I drove Nick to the emergency room at Cedar Sinai. With Covid restrictions in place, we didn‘t know which entrance was even open, so I left him on the corner. We didn’t hug. We didn’t kiss goodbye. We couldn’t. It was clear he was sick with something and we couldn’t take any risks.”

“I don‘t even know if he said bye to Elvis or if we said, ’I love you,’” the fitness instructor said. ”I told him I’d stay nearby and to call me when he’s done.”

Kloots went on to recall that her and Elvis went to The Grove nearby the day her husband went into the hospital to kill time, as they didn’t think he would be there long.

“That was the last day I saw Nick as Nick,“ Kloots also wrote in the caption. ”My heart breaks today. I wish I could go back in time, run to him as he was walking away, grab him, kiss him and hold him in my arms. On April 1, he went on the ventilator and I never spoke to him again.”

The heartbreaking caption ended saying, “To anyone, who like me, that dropped their person off at the hospital never to really ‘see’ them again, I’m thinking and praying for you today.”

“This day is just hard, there‘s no other way to say it,” she added. ”We’ve come far in a year with what we know about treating and preventing this virus. Do your part, continue doing your part. For Nick and every COVID patient that didn’t make it home.”

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