Juanpa Zurita and Macarena Achaga confirm their romance

Juanpa Zurita and co-star Macarena Achaga make their romance Instagram official

“Thank you for being the best partner in this adventure”

After weeks of rumors surrounding the state of their relationship, Juanpa Zurita and his Luis Miguel: The Series co-star, Macarena Achaga, have made their romance Instagram official.

The internet celebrity and the actress have spent the month of March making some impressive personal strides, climbing one of the greatest heights in Mexico together ahead of confirming their relationship.

The Youtube sensation just completed the task of climbing the Pico de Orizaba, which is known as the highest mountain in Mexico. Once he posted photos of the adventure along with a description of the journey, he also decided to dedicate a few words to the model of Argentinian model.

“Thank you @macabeso for being the best partner in this adventure,” he wrote under a series of photos, which shows the pair sharing a sweet embrace as they look off of a steep cliff.

Achaga posted her own recap of the trip, calling it “without a doubt the most difficult thing” she’s ever done, adding that the trek is about so much more than being physically strong. Her set of photos includes more snaps of her and Juanpa, with one sweet snap showing the pair keeping warm as they hold onto one another.

“The most generous, most epic, and most revealing act I could have ever experienced, thank you for joining me in this (dis)connection,” she wrote. “I invite you to (dis)connect yourself and go for YOUR OWN SUMMIT. That, by the way, does not have to look like mine. But friendly reminder: I respect you and encourage you on your way to yours.

While the Luis Miguel: The Series stars have posted several Instagram stories together over the past couple weeks, this is the first time their relationship has been officially declared, along with the first static Instagram post on one another’s page.

This adventure is nothing new for Juanpa, who has always been open about his love of the outdoors. In an interview with HOLA! back in 2019, he spoke about experiencing things in real life--not just on social media.

I think you need to always give yourself time to life experiences that bring something unique. Social media is a memory,” said the Mexico City native. “Nothing in the world can give you that other than being in the present, living.”

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