Miley Cyrus singing on stage.

Miley Cyrus Shouted Out Britney Spears during her Super Bowl show as more celebs call to #freebritney

The new Britney Spears documentary, “Framing Britney Spears” has the world ready to fight for the pop star. The heartbreaking film analyzes her conservatorship at the hands of her father Jamie, that has been in place for more than 12 years. Per Harpers Bazaar, “Free Britney” was a top trending topic over the weekend with fans expressing their disbelief and anger towards the situation. The #freebritney moment already had a huge following with thousands of her fans showing their support both online and in person, but now other celebrities are getting on board. Sarah Jessica Parker, Khloe Kardashian, and Andy Cohen are just a few celebs that have reacted to the film on social media. Miley Cyrus showed “love” to Britney in a big way- on stage at the Super Bowl. During the NFL’s TikTok Tailgate Super Bowl pregame Livestream Spears shouted out Britney and let her know she has her support.

Cyrus’s entire show was jam-packed with excitement. The singer even brought out Billy Idol and Joan Jett to rock out on stage with her in a truly epic performance. Unlike The Weeknd, there were no complaints about her performance. Cyrus shouted out Spears at the perfect time while she was signing her iconic song “Party in the USA.” When she got to the line “And a Britney song was on,” Cyrus paused and said, “We love Britney!” before heading back into the song’s catchy chorus. It’s not the first time Cyrus has used the song to show her support of the #freebritney movement. During a 2019 concert in Memphis, Tennessee, Cyrus yelled out, “Free Britney,” while singing “Party in the USA” for the crowd.

It wasn’t just her father that came under fire, Justin Timberlake was slammed on social media. The two dated in the early ‘00s but had a messy breakup with allegations that she cheated on him. Fans were angry that Timberlake helped fuel the toxic fire by having a blond actress that resembles Spears sneaking around in his 2002 music video for “Cry me a river.” Fans have called for him to make a public apology.

Britney Spears Album Release Party for "Britney" at Centro-Fly - November 6, 2001©GettyImages
Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

Diane Sawyer also faced backlash over a 2003 interview she had with Spears following their public break up. The unearthed footage was used as an example of the sexism she was forced to endure at a young age. “You broke his heart. You did something that caused him so much pain, so much suffering. What did you do?” Sawyer asked a then 22-year-old Spears during the interview, per PEOPLE. Fans also accused Sawyer of defending a hateful comment made by former prosecutor Kendel Ehrlich, who was Maryland’s first lady in 2003. In a speech at an anti-domestic violence conference that year, Ehrlich made a gross comment about shooting the singer, per Page Six. “Really, if I had an opportunity to shoot Britney Spears, I think I would.” Spears reacted as expected and appeared shocked by the comments but Sawyer seemingly defended the former prosecutor during the interview. ”It’s because of the example for kids and how hard it is to be a parent,” she told Spears.

Spears’ attorney, Samuel D. Ingham III, told the courts last year that Spears had become afraid of her father and wanted him removed from her conservatorship entirely after he allegedly hired a new manager without consulting her. The next court date over the battle for conservatorship is on Feb. 11.

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