Ellen DeGeneres andMegan Thee Stallion
Pay It Forward!

Megan Thee Stallion and Ellen DeGeneres helped this frontline nurse pay off $50k in student loans

Jamelmenique Hoy left her home in Mississippi to help understaffed hospitals due to COVID-19.

Ellen DeGeneres is back on set helping change people’s lives like she never left. On Thursday’s episode of The Ellen Show, she was joined virtually by Megan Thee Stallion who talked about her new song “Body” and how she wants to open an assisted living facility after she gets her degree. Then the two powerful celebs helped change a front-line nurse’s life that has been living in a one bedroom hotel room with her family. DeGeneres received a letter from nurse Jamelmenique Hoy, who is also in school studying to get her Masters Degree. Hoy is a big fan of Megan so Degeneres decided to surprise her virtually, and with the help of Shutterfly they paidoff $50,000 of her student loans.

Degeneres explained that Hoy is a nurse from Mississippi but she volunteered to leave her home to help understaffed hospitals in Houston. She also helped out in San Jose. “They were deploying nurses by the thousands,” she said emotionally. “They contacted me and I was like yes. So we packed up our little truck and headed to Texas.”

Since July Hoy has been in a one-bedroom hotel with her husband Michael and their 5 children: Micah, 2, Mason, 3, Messiah, 4, Malachi, 5, and Michael Jr., 7. “I mean I want to say how’s that going but I kind of think I know the answer?” Degeneres quipped. “It’s been really tight but we make it work,” Hoy said positively.” “I just love the fact that I can go to work, take care of my patients, and love all my patients since their families can’t be there to love up on them. And at the end of the day I get to come home and I get to love on my own children. What’s going on at the hospitals, these patients are very fragile, it just makes me want to come home and hug and love my children even more.”

DeGeneres then introduced Megan and Hoy was surprised and excited to see her. “You‘re putting it on for us, just black women in general” Megan complimented her. Hoy was then instructed by Degeneres to get the room service outside where $50,000 was sitting under a fancy service dish. The host explained, “Shutterfly loves helping Frontline Heroes like you and they want to pay off your student loans.. they want to give you $50,000 to pay off your student loans.”

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