Selena Gomez Rare Beauty Campaign

Selena Gomez did her own makeup for the new Rare Beauty campaign

You have to see this stunning look

With each and every new release, Selena Gomez’s brand Rare Beauty is proving to be a big competitor in the beauty space.

To celebrate the launch of the makeup brand’s Stay Vulnerable Collection--which consists of easy-to-wear Liquid Eyeshadows, Melting Blushes and Glossy Lip Balms--the star decided to do her own glam for the photoshoot, which was led by photographer Petra Collins.

“I wanted to do my own makeup for the shoot,” the star told Vogue about the campaign. “I wanted to capture the soft, flushed look we get when we feel the most vulnerable, and I wanted the images to capture that essence.”

“I love how easy these formulas are,” she said on Instagram. “Easy to apply, easy to wear, easy to get a fresh look that lets your real self shine through.”

Surprisingly enough, this actually isn‘t the first time Gomez has done her own makeup for a major photoshoot. When COVID-19 safety measures left her without her go-to makeup artist for an Allure cover shoot, the entrepreneur had to take matters into her own hands.

“I had never done that before,” Gomez told Allure at the time, admitting that doing her own makeup for such a big photoshoot had her feeling “a little stressed.”

Luckily, the fact that she was doing her own glam using the cosmetics she created herself made the whole process that much easier.

I was definitely proud to be wearing [Rare Beauty]. I was just like, ‘I hope I did this right,’” she said.

Gomez recently talked to PEOPLE, revealing that she’s been spending her time at home during quarantine experimenting with her Rare Beauty products to decompress.

“I‘ve had so much fun just randomly trying my products and doing makeup. I find that it’s actually kind of therapeutic,” Gomez told the mag. “When you’re being filmed and there’s a lot of pressure, sometimes I’m nervous. But when I’m with myself and playing with makeup it’s so much fun.”

Even though the star gets nervous being filmed, she still blessed fans recently by sharing her foundation routine on Youtube, giving us all tips on how to achieve her best look with Rare Beauty’s products. Wearing a slicked back bun and a pair of huge gold hoops, the actress provides pointers for anyone looking to achieve simple, stunning makeup.