Beyoncé 2020 Christmas gifts to her friends
A tough year

Find out what Christmas gifts Beyoncé gave to her friends

Queen Bey is as sick and tired of 2020 as everyone else!

“Middle fingers up, put them hands high. Wave it in his face, tell him, boy, bye,” might be the lyrics for “Sorry;” however, after seeing Beyoncé’s Christmas gift to her girlfriends, her song makes more sense now. Queen Bey is as sick and tired of 2020 as everyone else, and to farewell this challenging year, the Houston, Texas native gifted custom-made diamond “2020” necklaces shaped like a middle finger.

“@beyonce gifted all of her girls with this amazing custom 2020 necklace. “🖕2020” It’s a hand with middle finger and the year 2020 combined into one,” her cousin Angie Beyince revealed on Instagram, sharing a snap of the jewel.

“When I opened it, my eyes teared up because it is both Hilarious & Deeply Sentimental. 2020 has had ups and downs but over all its [sic] been a really weird and tuff [sic] year. Hopefully 2021 is good to the world 🌎 🙏 #nye #beyonce,” she continued.

Although the gift seems hilarious and creative at first sight, it also has a deeper meaning. 2020 has been a tough year not only healthwise but also for minorities dealing with social unrest. The 39-year-old singer, actress, and record producer have been using her platform to raise awareness about police brutality, racist attacks, discrimination, and racial profiling, plus helping families and small businesses in need.

Beyoncé Dear Class 2020©YouTube
The 39-year-old singer, actress, and record producer have been using her platform to raise awareness.

Through her charity initiative, BeyGOOD, Beyoncé and her team “assisted organizations across the country that were providing people with basic needs like food, water, household supplies, and COVID testing,” plus mental health support. Small businesses also affected by the pandemic had the opportunity to benefit from the BeyGOOD Small Business Impact Fund to receive $10k grants. Now, in its phase, two families and individuals impacted by the housing crisis and facing mortgage foreclosures and rental evictions could receive $5k grants.

The “I was here” singer also shared during her most recent interview for British Vogue how this year has changed her. “It would be difficult to experience life in a pandemic and the current social unrest and not be changed,” Beyoncé said. “I have learned that my voice is clearer when I am still. I truly cherish this time with my family, and my new goal is to slow down and shed stressful things from my life.”

According to the superstar, she is also dedicating time and listening to her kids. “I let my children know that they are never too young to contribute to changing the world. I never underestimate their thoughts and feelings, and I check in with them to understand how this is affecting them.”

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