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Gigi Hadid shares brand new photos of her baby and boyfriend Zayn Malik

Fans can’t get enough of these pics

Just like Kylie Jenner and a handful of other celebs, Gigi Hadid is hopping on the latest Instagram trend to share never-before-seen flicks with fans.

On Sunday, the model took to her Instagram Story to participate in the “post a picture of” social media trend, in which followers suggest photos for their favorite celebrities to share. During the fun experiment, Hadid happily showed off some never-before-seen pictures, which includes an intimate look at her holding her baby girl.

In sharing such a special moment, Gigi sure not to show her daughter‘s face in the post, which is a rule her and her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, have followed since welcoming their first child back in September. To protect her privacy, in all of the photos they’ve posted over the past couple months, the stars have either cropped out or shielded their baby girl’s face from the camera.

Gigi Hadid holds her baby girl©Gigi Hadid

And for any followers hoping to finally see a pic of the baby’s face sometime soon, Gigi simply said, “It’s not happening.”

Even though the couple is keeping a lot of the details about their family life private, Gigi did share another special moment with fans during her time online. At the request of one of her followers, the supermodel posted a photo from the day she found out she was pregnant. In the picture, Gigi posed for a selfie in a jean jacket while seated in a car, wearing a huge smile on her face.

Although this was the day she first discovered she was expecting, Hadid explained that this picture was taken before she actually found out. “It was this day but I don’t think I knew yet,” she revealed.

Gigi Hadid shares a photo from the day she found out she was pregnant©Gigi Hadid

The sharing didn’t stop there, as fans were eager to see more photos of Gigi with her on-again, off-again boyfriend and the father of her child. When asked to share a photo from April 3, Gigi posted an intimate snap of her and Zayn kissing from earlier this year.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik share a kiss©Gigi Hadid

Elsewhere in her social media sharing spree, the model also shared photos of her with Taylor Swift, Zayn holding their baby on Christmas day, and more cute photos of her baby girl’s onesie fashion.