Cardi B dressed as a fortune-teller
New gig

Cardi B will be using her ‘psychic power’ to provide fortune-telling to her fandom

Who needs a vision board when the rapper can predict your future.

Who needs a vision board when Cardi B can predict your future. The singer, rapper — and fortune-teller? — will be using her “psychic power” to provide fortune-telling to her fandom for 2021. Beginning on December 26, 2020, at midnight ET until 2:59 am ET on January 2, 2021, through the verified account @cardibtruthteller, the Dominican descent award-winning superstar would be interacting and predicting via DM people’s future. “2020 has been rough baby. Let’s get that astral plane looking tight. DM me for an inspirational 2021 reading,” the account bio reads.

Although it is unknown if she would also be using palmistry and tarot cards, the self-proclaimed “Supreme Truth Teller,” confirmed the news on Twitter after a fan posted a photo of her with a crystal ball. “What is this bardi?” the person asked. Cardi responded: “I’m telling the future...not the surprises tho.”

The star also compared her new adventure with a fortune cookie. “Its a commercial for the Facebook show. The dms are going to be positive quotes like a fortune cookie,” she wrote on Twitter.

The news of Cardi B’s new gig comes after she launched her new series, Cardi Tries. In this show, the rapper tries different disciplines and jobs, including ballet, basketball, and other activities she’s never done before. The video series is available via Facebook’s Messenger app. “The show is on Facebook & on iMessage which is FREE & NOT ON TV plus it already got 4 million views one episode,” she said to a Twitter user who is not too happy that the 28-year-old Bronx native is “making fun” of fortune-tellers.

“I feel like people are only gonna be able to relax when their spiritual beliefs stop being commercialized and made fun of thru false use for media purposes. Not that you’ll ever notice this,” the person wrote.

“Get ready YALL! My new show ‘Cardi Tries ___’ launches today! Watch me try ballet, stunt car racing and basketball to name a few,” the rapper previously wrote on Instagram. “like you’ve never seen her before,” she continued.

In each episode, the rapper will be joined by experts in the field. Among her special guests, we can find actress and choreographer Debbie Allen, Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard, country music singer-songwriter Mickey Guyton, and actress Michelle Rodriguez. “Ever wondered whether I’d be a good ballerina?” she wrote in another clip. “Only one way to find out! Check it out on my new show “Cardi Tries ____” on @messenger and @instagram video chat!”