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Stella Banderas is getting ready to launch a new perfume

The daughter of Antonio Bandoras and Melanie Griffith honors her roots and the land of her father.

Joined by Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, Stella del Carmen Banderas is an amalgamation of cultures that has grown up in Hollywood, third generation artists, and she feels very attached to her Spanish traditions. With her new project, she has made clear the importance of her Spanish traditions, and especially Easter, which is so famous in Spain, in her life and in her memories. The daughter of the Malaga actor has announced that after two years of work that she launches her own line of fragrances, which she has called Lightbound (which could mean “tied to the light”) and which will go on sale next February 2021. In the announcement that she has made to her followers, she has received the support of her mother, among others.

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“The soul, Lightbound‘s first fragrance, is an inspired mix of memories and scents of Easter, the ritual of burning incense at home and smelling the vanilla extract while you cook a dessert ”, publishes the official account of the brand, which also has Stella in the name to make it clear who the creator is.

“As a writer, perfumer, naturalist and practitioner of yoga and reiki I wanted to create a space where I could combine all these interests and offer ways to find the balance of the soul, body and earth”, explained the daughter of Antonio Banderas.

In addition, she admits that since she was little, she has always collected perfumes. “My love for fragrances, the ritual they represent, the power it has to bring you back to earth, inspired me to create my own. In the last two years I have been working to create a sustainable and handmade perfume,” she added in the description of her project, which will reach the public in the coming months.

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Stella begins to make her place in the world after finishing her studies in narrative at the University of Southern California and deciding what she wants to do with her career, because although she took an acting course in New York last year, she does not seem to want to follow the steps of her parents. She herself recently admitted in an interview with Vanity Fair, “I could completely forget myself for several years, until I finished high school and went to college in a different city and the first sentence that everyone said to me was: “Your father? Is he Antonio Banderas?” Or the whispers behind me were: “Her mother is Melanie Griffith! ”

She had previously detailed the little things that she shared with her father and that still reminded her of the good times she spent in Spain. “When I decide to make a potato omelette at my house in Los Angeles or when I use FaceTime with my father and I can see a piece of Marbella on my mobile wallpaper, I remember my childhood at the beach,” she commented.

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