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Always Sunny

Watch Olympia have her first snow day with mom Serena Williams in Florida

It was both Olympia and the family dog Adora’s first snow day.

It may be very rare for snow to fall in Florida, but Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian found a way for their daughter Olympia Ohanian to have her first snow day.

The tennis pro posted a video Friday sledding down a mini snow hill with her family. You could tell the snow was fake by the fact that there was only one perfectly placed mountain of snow on a bed of healthy green Florida grass. Williams was also sledding in a dress and her husband was rocking a t-shirt and shorts. In the video posted to Instagram, Williams got on top of the hill with her sled while her family cheered for baby Olympia to push her down. “Push mama” Alexis cheered- and she did. Hard! Williams captioned the video, “Florida snow days by @alexisohanian thanks for pushing me @olympiaohanian”

Williams wasn’t the only one who went for a ride. Olympia sat bravely on a disk wearing a matching dress as mom pushed her down the hill. Luckily for Olympia, Williams didn’t push her as hard as she could and she maintained a safe but fun pace and didn’t end up in space.

Olympia Ohanian©Serena Williams
Olympia Ohanian sledding

Considering Williams gave Alexis credit in the caption, he likely ordered and formed the fake snowbank. He shared a boomerang of their sweet dog Adora enjoying the snow and catching a snow ball in his mouth. The proud dog dad captioned the post, “You wish you knew this kind of joy. Adora’s (and @olympiaohanian’s) first “snow” came to Florida today..”

Along with playing in the snow, mama and Olympia have been playing some games that could only exist in 2020. Williams shared an adorable yet kind of sad video on Monday of Olympia administering a “coconut” test on her while she shoved a doctors toy up her nose. “What test is this?” Williams asked. “It’s coconut test” Olympia innocently responds. “Oh its the covid test.. Coconut test” Williams jokingly replies. Williams captioned the video, “The new normal kid games lol.”