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Kelly Clarkson gets emotional about her kids

River and Remington will have to travel between Montana and California, now that she gained primary custody, but still shares joint physical custody with her ex-husband.

Kelly Clarkson shows how proud she is of her children, describing her daughter as independent and highlighting her spirit, despite driving her “insane” sometimes.

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The 38-year-old mom is going through hard times, with the complicated divorce from ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, involving financial demands and co-parenting issues.

During the latest episode of the popular Kelly Clarkson Show the singer opened up about her priorities in the divorce process, admitting that the hardest part for her is the kids, Remington and River.

However she revealed the admiration she has for her daughter during this “horrible” situation, confessing that her “little girl is so independent.”

Kelly Clarkson & Kids Meet Pixar Pals At First-Ever "Pixar Fest" At Disneyland©GettyImages
Kelly Clarkson, Remington and River.

She also went on to say that her positive outlook drives her insane and sometimes she gets emotional about it and cries at night, adding that “you don’t really want to break their little spirit” because “you’re a force and that’s who you are,” explaining how she has to be strong for them.

It was reported that her children will be having to travel between Montana and California, now that she gained primary custody, but will still have to share joint physical and legal custody with Blackstock.

The Los Angeles based artist also said that divorce is much more complicated “as women,” because society expects for them to “take it all on,” however “it’s your babies that you worry about.”

Kelly shared how her kids are dealing with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, revealing that they love wearing masks, “because it’s Spider-Man and unicorns,” and they get to have fun with what they wear.

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