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America Ferrera fixes her shiny T-zone in a relatable post

The actress shared a funny video to Instagram taking care of her shiny T-zone.

Celebrities continuously prove that they deal with the same daily frustrations like the rest of us, such as having an oily face and needing to take care of it on the go. If you’ve ever experienced a shiny T-zone, you know how frustrating it can be as the day goes on and you become a slick mess. Actress America Ferrera posted a funny Instagram video the other day making us feel better that she too has this same skin concern.

The 36-year-old actress posted a funny video on Wednesday of her sitting in the backseat of a car sticking multiple blotting sheets to her face. The post was captioned, “Lessons in blotting. You’re welcome. Love, your new beauty influencer 😂🤦🏻‍♀️.”

In the video Ferrera is heard saying, “You know you need it when it sticks to your face. Don’t worry, it is a beauty thing. If you’re a real professional in beauty, then you know this method. If you don’t know the method like you’re an amateur.”

The relatable post has fans writing in Ferrera’s comment section saying, “Oh my gosh yes!! I used a lot of those 😂😂.” Another fan wrote, “I relate! 😩.”

However, blotting sheets, which are post-it size sheets that are often used by those who want to remove excess shine, may actually not be doing much for one’s skin as we think. “Oil blotting papers—at least the ones sold in the USA—aren’t necessarily bad for the skin, but they can offer you a sense of false hope. The appeal of an oil-blot sheet is seeing oil reflect onto the sheet. It’s a visual that feels validating,” Kim Nichols, MD, a Greenwich, Connecticut-based dermatologist told Well + Good in an interview.

Unfortunately, blotting sheets will only temporarily fix the shine but won’t get to the root of the problem. “It doesn’t do much to solve the oily skin problem, however,” says Dr. Nichols in the interview. “To do that, you may need a retinol or a medication prescribed by a board-certified dermatologist to reduce the amount of oil production in your skin for a clearer glow.”

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