George Clooney says he and Amal ‘haven’t ever had an argument’

George Clooney says he and Amal ‘haven’t ever had an argument’

The actor wants his kids to stand up for equality when they grow up

Quarantine hasn't put a strain on George and Amal Clooney’s marriage. In fact, the Oscar winner revealed to People magazine that he and his wife haven’t “ever had an argument.” “I feel very lucky in so many ways to have met her,” he told the publication. “We haven’t ever had an argument. You know, everybody’s been slammed together because of the coronavirus and a lot of friends’ relationships have been tested. For us, it’s been really easy.”

George revealed that he and his wife haven‘t ever had an argument©Getty Images
George revealed that he and his wife haven't ever had an argument

The Midnight Sky star, 59, and human rights attorney, 42, tied the knot in Venice, Italy back in 2014. “She succeeds in so many different ways and stands up for what she believes in,” George said of his wife. “We didn’t fall in love because of our work, but it ended up being something unusual we [share]... We are really lucky and we know it.”

In 2016, the humanitarian power couple co-founded the Clooney Foundation for Justice, which advocates for justice through accountability for human rights abuses around the world. George, who was taught early on that it was his “civic duty” to get involved in political and social activism, hopes his and Amal’s children—three-year-old twins Ella and Alexander— will “pick the same kind of fights.” George said, “I hope that will be my wife’s and my legacy to our children. It just means standing up for things you believe in, standing up for equality. Who could be against equality?”

The humanitarian power couple tied the knot in 2014©Getty Images
The humanitarian power couple tied the knot in 2014

The dad of two recently opened up about how having Amal in his life “changed everything” for him. “No question about that. It was the first time that everything that she did and everything about her was infinitely more important than anything about me,” he admitted in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning. “And then we had these two knuckleheads. It is very fulfilling and something I wasn’t at all, didn’t see coming.”