Kim Kardashian red latex outfit
So hot!

Kim Kardashian is ‘reflecting.’ And it might be on her old hair!

The Skims founder posted two photos rocking fiery red hair.

Kim Kardashian has been using this week to “reflect.” It’s not for certain what she is reflecting on but it may be her old hair. The reality star uploaded two photos on her Instagram Monday and Tuesday rocking her old red hair. Her latest post gave fans deja vu from when she was first spotted in the outfit.

Kardashian shared the first photo Monday posing in a white bikini in a walk-in closet. She captioned the post, “Reflecting.” Kardashian didn’t explicitly say it was a throwback but she isn’t rocking red hair in any of her latest posts.

Kardashian then shared some throwbacks Tuesday in a red skin-tight latex outfit. Kardashian looked red hot in a red corset that had orange flames down the middle, and red leggings. The model paired the ensemble with tall red stilettos. According to PEOPLE, the leggings are $200 from Vex. In the first photo, Kardashian is surrounded by ladders who obviously got the memo and were rocking their own red paint. In the second photo, she is walking down the hall with a fierce but calm face. The whole thing has some serious superhero vibes. She captioned the photo, “Soooo 🔥”

Kardashian was first spotted in the outfit in February 2019 while she was leaving Milk Studios. As expected, the fire red outfit ended up being for an upcoming shoot. According to Daily Mail, it was for the Sooo Fire KKW Beauty Collection, which launched in July 2019. Kardashian rocked platinum blonde hair for the campaign and the packaging. Kardashians throwback got a lot of people’s attention and approval. Nicki Minaj commented, “Sickening.” But we are pretty sure she means that in a good way.

Kardashian’s latest dabble with red hair was during quarantine in June. While everyone was giving themselves terrible haircuts Kardashian took it to a professional. The Skims founder posted selfies to her Instagram Story June 29th and announced, “You guys, I dyed my hair red. Do you love it?” Whenever the Kardashians rock crazy hair fans always want to know if its real or automatically accuse them of wearing a wig. But according to the Kardashian hairstylist and colorist, Chris Appleton, it was the real thing. He shared a video on his Instagram of her new hairdo and captioned the post, “It’s NOT a wig before you start with that s***.” So will Kardashian go back to red? Time will tell.