Suri Cruise seen playing with her puppies while out and about in New York City
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Suri Cruise walks the walk in New York City

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Suri Cruise is seen playing with her puppies in NYC, and boy has she grown! Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are the parents of 14 year old Suri, who was seen last weekend walking her puppies and playing with them in New York City. The once little girl has sure grown up into a beautiful teenage girl, looking absolutely fab in her jeans and kicks look.

Suri Cruise seen playing with her puppies while out and about in New York City©GrosbyGroup

For some reason, Suri is one of our favorite celebrity kids. And we have loved watching her grow. Want to here some facts about Suri you probably didn’t know? Let’s start with her name, which means princess in Hebrew. And how exactly has the public divorce of her parents, or her dad’s active role in the Church of Scientology affected her day to day life.

It is rumored that Suri does not have a close relationship with her father Tom Cruise because of his involvement in the Church of Scientology which forbid him from seeing his own daughter.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - September 08, 2020©GettyImages

Single mom Holmes wants to make sure that her daughter always has the best of the best, which is why Suri’s wardrobe is diverse and packed with great brands. She also attends an exclusive NYC school, which costs almost $60,000 a year. From designers like Armani, Versace and Burberry, Suri’s wardrobe is estimated to be worth $3.2 million. I mean, if you go to school with the kids of millionaires, entrepreneurs and Wall Street exes, makes sense that she’s dressing to impress.

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